WorldWide Drilling Resource

Thank you to our repeat customer: Santa Rosa Well Service Stanton, Texas E-mail: CALL OUR TOLL-FREE NUMBER: 800-541-1562 PO Box 1216 • 7595 US Hwy 50 N Lamar CO 81052-1216 719-336-9006 • 719-336-2402 Fax SEMCO INC. NEW SEMCO S35,000 Pump Hoist 56’ derrick, 84” wide derrick conversion, 2-speed winch w/grooved drum, 3,000 foot capacity sandreel, hydraulic oil cooler quad fans, special additional main line winch, PTO direct-mount pump manual transmission, hydro breakout cylinder, heavy-duty cathead, behind-the-cab outriggers, dual power arms, second tail-out winch, LED light kit for mast, power tong hook-up to the rear with air, digital weight indicator, 96” toolbox, special open toolbox, 75T five-line block with safety bearing hook, special customer paint for company colors, 22’ steel flatbed, mounted on 2019 Western Star 4700. Displayed at the 2018 NGWA Las Vegas Convention in December. 2 MARCH 2019 WorldWide Drilling Resource ®