WorldWide Drilling Resource

&DUROLQH 6WUHHW 3XQ[VXWDZQH\ 3$ :HE 6LWH KWWS ZZZ VWDULURQZRUNV FRP ( PDLO VDOHV#VWDULURQZRUNV FRP )$; To be noticed, give us a call: (850) 547-0102 or e-mail: wwdr@ ZZZ URFNPRUH LQWO FRP 12 SEPTEMBER 2019 WorldWide Drilling Resource ® Known for providing power and versatility to tackle difficult site conditions and exceeding subsurface sampling expectations, the Geoprobe ® 7822DT V3 environ- mental/geotechnical rig builds on the tradition of excellence with elevated efficien- cy and minimized maintenance. Enhancements include: Tier 4 Power - The hydraulic load sensing system gives the power needed, when it’s needed, with the operating and fuel efficiency required. Cooling - Complete high-duty cycle operations such as coring, augering, or tracking long distances when operating in elevated ambient temperatures. Stability - Use the rear blade to transport a drop rack tool carrier when desired, while the wider tracks and shifted center of gravity better facilitates stability on unlevel surfaces. In addition to high-capacity direct push, the 7822DT V3 has the power to com- plete rotary drilling projects. Using the auto throttle function, you can go from full throttle when drilling, to idle when changing out tooling, thus saving fuel and creating a quieter work site. A small footprint makes for easy maneuverability into tight spaces. The 7822DT V3 is a machine designed to adapt to changing work roles. Geoprobe Systems ® is a Valued WWDR Advertiser.