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52 FEBRUARY 2021 WorldWide Drilling Resource ® 1760-156 Environmental Manufacturing, Inc. Toll Free 888-587-0807 Fax 785-539-1349 Flush Thread Pipe, Fittings, and Supplies for Monitoring/Remediation. Custom Slotting & Perfing PVC CPVC HDPE 8887 Green Valley Drive Manhattan, KS 66502 1753-244 TORQUER ™ Professional Locking Well Plugs Sched. 40/80 1/2”, 3/4” 1”, 1 1/4” 1 1/2”, 2” 2 1/2”, 3” 4”, 5”, 6” coming soon: 8” • Domed top •No metal parts •Vented Plug Option •Padlocks or safety lock out tags •Most sq. inch of gasket power •Bright safety orange color •Vapor extraction convertible •LowCost Sold through authorized distributors worldwide. U.S. Patent Protected 1775-136 WorldWide W SUPER MAR U R M Rates: $8.40 per line. Classified display (photo, box, logo included) per column inch: 1x $74.55, Add color to your ad, for $26.25 ($15.75 for 12 month commit If you don’t see your category listed, call - we have it! Display Classified Quote: 12 Times 3” x $65.10/in = $195.30 - $91 (Reward Points) = $194.39 + $0.61 (Round It Up For Education) = $195 per month - 10% (Prepaid) = $175.50 per month (Winches) (1775) The Source of Force Linepull: 1/2 Ton to 100 Ton plus! In-Stock Now! (800) Mr. Winch 1760-378 ZZZ DOOR\PDFKLQHZRUNV FRP LQIR#DOOR\PDFKLQHZRUNV FRP (DVW +DUG\ 5RDG +RXVWRQ 7H[DV 86$ 3KRQH )D[ The Right Pump Adapted from Information by Webtrol Finding the right pump for a commer- cial, industrial, residental, or agricultural application can be challenging since it can depend on many factors. To ensure you get the right pump, start by asking the right questions before selecting: 1 What type of pump will work best? 1 Will it be submerged or above the fluid level? 1 Will it be protected or in the weather or a dirty environment? 1 Will it run continuously or intermit- tently? 1 What type of fluid is being pumped? 1 What is the total dynamic head (feet) you will need to pump the water? This consists of: Total elevation Pressure at the discharge point Piping losses Specific gravity 1 How much product do you need in terms of gallons per minute or metric equivalents? 1 Do you have an estimate for your needs? 1 What power supply is available? 1 Do you have single phase or three phase available? 1 What voltage is available? Once this information is collected, accurate choices can be made for the right product. 2003-1279 Ingersoll Rand TH-55/60 , mtd. on 1988 Freightliner, new Detroit engine 2018, ECM 2019, & several other improvements, (9) stem carousel with 400’ of 3.5” rod, 600/250 screw air compressor and 5x6 pistonmud system, both great condition, never worked in oil/gas, safety through March 2021. Everything you need to drill tomorrow. Loc. Alberta......... $185,000 Canadian E-mail: C A L L 8 5 0 - 5 4 7 - 0 1 0 2