WorldWide Drilling Resource

These companies provide outstanding service! (503) 682-1001 Rockmore International (800) 356-5130 --- *+ )#)('-()$* !(& )(%#'" +)""+ ,'.*,+ -'"/ 0 . 1 1 1 1 88 DECEMBER 2017 WorldWide Drilling Resource ® Stepping into the Shale Gas Industry Adapted from Information by INEOS INEOS has extensive shale gas license interests across North and South Yorkshire, the East Midlands, and Cheshire within the United Kingdom. After gath- ering geological information through 2-D and 3-D imaging technology, the company is planning to carry out exploration drilling, which will provide detailed information about geological features over a mile beneath the surface. The proposed well site is located in Petroleum Exploration and Development Licence (PEDL) 300 on land adjacent to Bramleymoor Lane, Derbyshire. This location was chosen because it is within an area of interest based on existing well and seismic data. The vertical well the company plans to drill is designed to extract a core for laboratory analysis, which will identify the geological characteristics of the rock and its gas- producing properties. Site construction and rig assem- bly will take up to three months, while drilling will be a 24-hour-a-day operation for up to three months. Once drilling operations have ceased, well suspension and rig removal will take up to one month. Derbyshire County Council confirmed an Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) will not be required for INEOS’ proposed vertical exploration well at the Bramleymoor Lane site. The site will now be subject to a full application for the well. The decision by Derbyshire County Council is consistent with the rules and regulations for temporary developments of the nature proposed by the company. INEOS will submit a detailed planning application for the coring well and will under- take further community consultation. The planning application will include an envi- ronmental report addressing the aspects of water environment, ecology, noise, landscape and visual effects, and cultural heritage. A rig owned by INEOS from another site.