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13 WorldWide Drilling Resource ® JUNE 2019 LUBE-A-BOOM ® Announcements for 2019 The LUBE-A-BOOM ® team made several exciting announcements for 2019. These changes will enhance the dealer experience and give customers the products and service they deserve. First, the company will be opening up a second warehouse location in Indianapolis, Indiana, to enhance shipping and get products to customers faster and more efficiently. Second, LUBE-A-BOOM ® has partnered with Mato GmbH to become the sole North American supplier of Mato lubrication products. The company will also debut a brand new and improved website within the next month. The website will give dealers easier access and provide more information about the company’s family of products. Lastly, LUBE-A-BOOM ® is actively working on debuting new items which will comple- ment the existing family of products. This will be an exciting year for the company! WHO’S IN THE NEWS Vince Trotta has been named president of GEFCO, Inc. “Vince is a welcome addition to the GEFCO Team,” said GEFCO’s human re- source director. “He brings a knowl- edge of the industry and great international experience.” His experience and proven leadership in product and market development internationally will be a great asset to the company as they strengthen their presence worldwide. Breaking News Additional announcements from Numa Hammers, the International Society of Explosives Engineers, and VMAC are located in our online issue. Send your Who’s in the News to: Epiroc has appointed Jon Torpy as general manager and president for Epiroc USA LLC. He brings 15 years of leadership experience with Epiroc and its predecessor Atlas Copco, as well as 20 years of overall industry experience. Mr. Torpy wi l l lead the U.S. Customer Center of Epiroc, which supplies innovative, safe, and sus- tainable drill rigs, rock excavation and construction equipment, and tools. The company also provides service and technology solutions for automation and interoperability. He is a strong advocate for innovation to help drive continuous improvement for Epiroc customers. During his tenure as vice president of marketing for the drilling solutions division, he was a key visionary and leader in the Epiroc autonomous drill program, which has become a game changer for many customers.