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13 WorldWide Drilling Resource ® APRIL 2020 New Fleet Management Tool Ditch Witch ® has launched a new management tool to help equipment owners track their equipment’s performance - the Orange Intel ™ Fleet Management System. This easy-to-use system delivers vital data and insights into Ditch Witch equipment, keeping contractors up-to-date on machine performance, location, and security. The system also keeps a detailed his- tory of machine intelligence and overall fleet performance, so contractors can better plan for future workloads and estimate hours for new jobs. “Today’s contractors are becoming more and more technical, with data and machine insights used in everyday situations,” said Tyler Schwandt, Ditch Witch product manager for parts and telematics. “With Orange Intel, contractors can monitor their fleet’s performance and jobsite history . . . Data is available 24/7 via any mobile device to help underground construction contractors work smarter and gain valuable machine insights anytime, anywhere.” WHO’S IN THE NEWS BESTOLIFE ® welcomes John Beaty as the company’s plant manager. With more than 20 years of operations leadership experience, he is sure to be a valuable asset to the company. Breaking News Additional announcements from the Texas Ground Water Association, Underground Construction Technology, McElroy, International Society of Explosives Engineers, and Industrial Scientific can be found by clicking on this box in our online issue: Send your Who’s in the News to: