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Through the Back Door! by Jim Kuebelbeck For a number of years, I have submitted articles for publication, and have been graciously allowed to share many stories not only of my experiences as a water dowser, but other stories of some of my life expe- riences. Perhaps I have bored WWDR readers with some of my articles regarding what I consider to be a true human ability (in certain individuals) to somehow sense the presence of satisfactory groundwater sources by the dowsing method. It was never my intent to push my views or opinions upon anyone, but to simply relate what I have discovered about my personal experience. In this regard, I cannot fault well drilling professionals who are less than willing to put their own reputations on the line by working with many of the self-professed water dowsers who have little or no proven ability in this area of human endeavor. In all too many cases, many would-be inexperienced water dowsers eagerly offer advice about the presence of underground water sources only to discover later that their predictions had no basis in fact. It is far from the truth that because an individual is able to obtain a dows- ing response from some type of device or instrument, that what they are sensing is the presence of an underground water source! We, as individuals, are all born with unique God-given talents and abilities, and it is up to us as individuals to discover and develop whatever abilities we might have been endowed with. Sadly, some people go through life without discovering, or attempt- ing to discover or develop, whatever latent talents or abilities they might possess. The late Grandma Moses (of artistic fame) for example, and countless others like her around the world, have often discovered late in life what particular abilities have lay dormant and can be developed. Grandma Moses (Anna Mary Robertson) only started paint- ing in earnest at the age of 78, and is often cited as an example of an individual who successfully began a career in the arts at an advanced age. When asked about her sud- den fame and success as a painter, she was quoted as saying, “If I hadn't started paint- ing, I'd probably have raised chickens.” Oh how I wish many of the self-pro- claimed, inexperienced water dowsers over the years had raised chickens, instead of going out and offering misguided predic- tions about the presence of underground water sources! Such is life. The statements and comments in this article are based on information and ref- erences believed to be true and factual. If you have any questions or comments, please forward them to me in care of WWDR . Jim michele@ Open the Doorway to all the Event Photos during Texas GroundWater Association 2020 To see more photos from this event, go to Feel free to download at will and print the photo(s) of your choice. Compliments of WorldWide Drilling Resource ® . Photos are copyrighted and released for personal use only - no commercial use permitted. 19 WorldWide Drilling Resource ® APRIL 2020