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Groundwater / Water Well by: Texas Ground Water Assn (TGWA) Continuing Education May 2 ~ San Antonio, TX, sponsored by Preferred Pump & Equipment May 9 ~ Lubbock, TX, sponsored by Gicon Pumps & Equipment May 15 ~ San Angelo, TX, by TGWA May 18 ~ Houston, TX, sponsored by Preferred Pump & Equipment May 29 ~ San Marcos, TX, sponsored by Austin Pump & Supply phone: 512-472-7437 by: New Hampshire Department of Environmental Services with American Ground Water Trust Drinking Water Source Protection Conference May 14 ~ Concord, NH phone: 603-228-5444 by: Princeton Groundwater, Inc. Remediation May 18-22 ~ Las Vegas, NV phone: 813-964-0800 Education Connection by: Midwest Geosciences Group Modern Technologies and Emerging Techniques for Assessing Complex Hydrogeologic Systems in Fractured Bedrock May 28-29 ~ Calgary, AB, CANADA phone: 763-607-0092 by: National Ground Water Association (NGWA) NGWA Workshop on Groundwater in the Northwest May 28-29 ~ Boise, ID phone: 614-898-7791 Irrigation by: Rain Bird Academy Training May 26-28 ~ Phoenix, AZ phone: 800-498-1942 Pipe by: McElroy University Socket Fusion Operator Qualification May 12 ~ Tulsa, OK Saddle Fusion Operator Qualification May 12 ~ Tulsa, OK Manual Butt Fusion Operator Qual. May 13 ~ Tulsa, OK Medium Diameter Hydraulic Butt Fusion Operator Qualification (with DataLogger) May 14-15 ~ Tulsa, OK Large Diameter Fusion Operator Qualification May 18-19 ~ Tulsa, OK Inspector Qualification May 20-22 ~ Tulsa, OK phone: 918-836-8611 Pumps by: Franklin Electric Advanced Drives May 12-13 ~ Wilburton, OK phone: 800-348-2420 training/franklintech-schedule/ by: Empire State Water Well Drillers Association General Drilling & Pump Installer Classes May 15 ~ Goulds Water Technology in Seneca Falls, NY phone: 845-225-3196 More education opportunities during events can be found online at 27 WorldWide Drilling Resource ® APRIL 2020