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29 WorldWide Drilling Resource ® AUGUST 2020 Conduct cone penetration testing (CPT) using your existing drilling equipment with the Vertek CPT Conversion Kit . A simple adapter fastened to the drill head allows the existing push and pull hydraulic system to advance and retract the CPT equipment to and from the subsurface. The amount of total push force will depend on the size of the drilling platform and how it is anchored. Typical drill rig CPT Conversion Kits consist of: j Peizocone Penetrometer j Data Acquisition System (DAS) and coaxial communication cable j Depth marker for depth measurement j Drill head adapter for advancing and removal j Rods or rod adaptors j Wear surface consumables and spares (tips, sleeves, pore pressure filters) j Seismic shear wave equipment (optional) Vertek, a Division of ARA, is a Valued WWDR Advertiser. Through the Back Door! by Jim Kuebelbeck Military Installation Part 2 Some months later, I received another call from the facilities director. They were in need of an addi- tional groundwater source on the base, and because of my previous success in locating a great water supply, wanted to hire me again. I agreed to try to help them again and met him on the base some days later. I managed to select two promising sites and felt confident a good water source could be encountered on either. Some days later, the contractor who had drilled the successful well previously, called me and said he had been contacted to bid on another job on the military installation, and the facilities director had told him they were going to hire me before they would drill again. He told me the bid went to someone else, but then he added, “Jim, I don't mind losing the job one bit, because with all the government red tape involved on some of these projects, it just isn't worth the trouble anyway.” I asked who got the job, and when he gave me the name, I said, “Oh no, this guy absolutely hates water dowsers. He'll do anything to discredit water dowsing. When he finds out that some water dowser has picked a drilling site, his standard com- ment is that there is 'some' water here, but not enough for what you need!” “Jim, I know this, and that's exactly the reason I'm calling you. I think you're going to have a bit of trouble on this job because the other day I happened to run across [the contractor who got the job] and we talked for a bit. I told him about my previous work up there and how you located a good water supply after they had drilled nothing but dry holes all summer. I told him they were going to hire you again before they would do any future drilling. You've helped me in the past, Jim, and we always recommend hiring you when we run into problems. Now Jim, you didn't hear this from me, okay? Get this! When I told him you were going to be hired, he said to me that this was 'one' time he was going to make sure there wasn't any water on any sites you select! I was speechless. I didn't know what to say. I just thought I had to let you know what you're up against.” I thanked him for the call and said we'd talk later. Thinking it over that evening, I called the facilities director, and as tactfully as I could, gave him a “heads up” on the situation. He told me the job had gone out on bids and he had no control over who was hired. He listened carefully to what I had to say, and then said, “Now that I know the situation, I have an idea. How about if I tell the drilling contractor they would make only one attempt on the site at this point in time?” I couldn't have come up with a better plan myself. A few weeks later, he called to tell me a great well had been drilled on the first site I selected, and there was no need to make a second attempt. Then he added, “Jim, I guess my plan worked.” I couldn't have agreed more. The statements and comments in this article are based on information and references believed to be true and factual. If you have any questions or comments, please forward them to me in care of WWDR . Jim Jim Kuebelbeck may be contacted via e-mail to EXB October Issue Deadlines! Space Reservation: August 25 th Display & Classified Ad Copy: September 1 st