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CUSTOM SPECIALTY WINCHES FOR WELL DRILLING AND PUMP HOIST TRUCKS Manufactured with your specifications in mind BLOOM MANUFACTURING, INC. Custom Engineering Solutions Since 1910 Independence, IA 50644 USA P: +1 319-827-1139 P: 800-394-1139 F: +1 319-827-1140 DESIGNED FOR OUTSTANDING PERFORMANCE & SAFETY MAINLINE WINCHES 3000 to 35,000 pounds Up to 130 feet per minute SANDLINE WINCHES 1800 to 8000 pounds Up to 800 feet per minute WINCHES 17 WorldWide Drilling Resource ® FEBRUARY 2020 by Tim Rasmussen One of the most important things Water For Life does in Guatemala, besides mak- ing clean safe water available to over 30,000 people every day, is the thousands of pounds of material we ship and give to the Ministry of Health. We collect this material all year from various sources then store it in Gary’s shop, waiting for the fall shipment to Guatemala. The material comes mainly from Deaconess Hospital in Spokane, and the Alsco linen company. The hospital gives us access to equipment they are replacing due to upgrades. These items will be thrown away if we do not take it, so we almost always say yes. The things they give us vary; we have received manual operating room tables, obstetric delivery beds, operating room lights, baby incubators, oxygen delivery meters, X-ray machines, thousands of hand tools for use in surgery suites, endoscopes, and many other things too numerous to remember. The Alsco linen company gives us hospital linens, gowns, sheets, towels, blankets, and everything you can think of made of cloth for use in a medical setting. The things are always clean, folded, and packed in boxes. This year, there were 170 boxes. All these things are very useful in Guatemala, at the Government Hospital and in the public health clinics in the villages. The Ministry of Health is very thankful for the things we do for the people. They recognize the improved health in villages where clean water is easily available, and report to us the rate of infant mortality is lower in the Peten region than in other areas of Guatemala. They attribute this to the contribution of Water For Life. Water For Life would like to thank all of you for your contributions. Those of us who go to Guatemala, get a firsthand look at what is done, and we get to see the difference being made in the lives of the people. We could not do any of it without your help. We believe this whole business is a result of the blessings of the Good Lord and we thank you for being willing to be a part of it. The people in Guatemala have very little, but because they have you and me for friends, their lives are better. Thank you all. I invite you to come and check it out for yourself. If you would like to help, contact Gary Bartholomew at 509-466-5075 or 509-939-1941 Tim Tim Rasmussen may be contacted via e-mail to Two doctors from Poptun collected boxes of sheets, cleaning towels, and scrubs to wear. WTR