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Exploring Your Mind by Harold White We were down at the beach in Florence, Oregon, where the Siuslaw River runs into the Pacific Ocean - looking like millions of gallons of freshwater per minute. There is a lot to see there. A lot of boats in the water, including the Coast Guard; several birds fishing in various ways. Tuajuana and I noticed a seagull walking around with what looked like an airplane in its mouth, trying to swallow it. We went closer and stopped about 20 feet away. The seagull had a huge starfish in its mouth, with one star arm down its throat and two star arms around the seagull’s throat, choking it. It was funny, like the starfish didn’t want to go where the gull wanted. The gull took off, flying over the river toward the ocean on the other side of the jetty. If the gull drops the starfish and it lands it the water, it will sure have a story to tell. I read a story in The Register-Guard about clear plastic bubble diving balls from Triton Submarines in Florida. The bubble craft can dive 7500 feet. The article told a story of how Patrick Lahey, president of the company, was exploring the deep Pacific with scientists from the American Museum of Natural History, when he blinked a flashlight two or three times into the darkness. He said an animal in the distance flashed back the same number. Can they count? How do they make their own light? How do they get the message if the fish can’t see in the dark? Why would an anglerfish dangle bioluminescent lures in front of their needle-sharp teeth? Living things that use a light for various communications in the deep ocean have long been a curiosity for me. There must be a different way to see. What is seeing? It’s the ability for your eyes to receive light to show the objects you are looking at. The light hits the objects then reflects to your vision. Your mind makes a picture from this incoming energy. Cameras do the same thing taking photos. The brain works this way during photographic memory, so all things with eyes have photographic memories. When you look at old grade school pictures, you recognize your classmates because you are comparing the faces to what you picture in your mind. Children used to play picture games to improve their photographic memory. This made schooling a lot easier. When asked a question, they could give a better answer when they could picture in their mind where they read the answer before in a study paper or book. Harold Harold White may be contacted via e-mail to 23 WorldWide Drilling Resource ® FEBRUARY 2020 Industry Announcements The ATF’s (Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives’) Office of Regulatory Affairs and the Digital Media Division, Public and Governmental Affairs, have collaborated in developing ATF’s eRegulations website. After approximately three years of development, the eRegulations website ( ) is now a true one-stop-shop for ATF employees, industry, and the public to research, review, and receive guidance on current ATF laws and regulations. The new website is compatible with desktop and laptop computers, tablets, and handheld mobile devices, and presents regulations in an easy-to-read format. Further, the site is automatically updated to reflect the most recent changes published in the Federal Register. Helpful features users will find on the main landing page for each part of title 27 of the Code of Federal Regulations include suggested important topics and search terms, a table of contents with a search engine and regulation timeline, as well as related laws and additional ATF resources. Additionally, users have the ability to compare current and former iterations of a regulation; search by topics or terms; reference definitions of terms within each regulation; and discover links to statutes, rulings, open letters, newsletters, FAQs, and other guidance relevant to a particular regulation. SaMoTer stated construction machinery exports grew by 1.9% in the first nine months of 2019. This is the snapshot provided by the international trade report - analysis of Istat data by the SaMoTer - Prometeia Outlook that monitors Italy's import/export flows in the construction equipment sector. The survey indicates exports in the period January-September 2019 improved due primarily to exports of concrete machines and aggregate preparation machinery. India and Europe as a whole were among the areas that increased their imports from Italy: earthmoving machinery and equipment, as well as road machinery, while concrete machinery also posted strong growth in European countries and North Africa. The 31st SaMoTer, the International Construction Equipment Trade Fair is scheduled to take place March 21-25, 2020 in Verona, Italy. EXB