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47 WorldWide Drilling Resource ® FEBRUARY 2020 New DTH Hammer and Bits for Blasthole Drilling Adapted from Information by Caterpillar CAT ® announced the release of its new down-the-hole (DTH) hammers and bits designed specifically for blasthole drilling operations. The new DTH hammer is six inches in diameter and the first to be introduced in the new DTH line. Its valved design provides reliable operation, low air consumption, easier maintenance, and cost-effective rebuild. The piston design delivers long life and efficient energy transfer. The new hammer is rated to run with compressed air systems driving working pressures up to 500 pounds per square inch. This additional back-head pressure, when combined with corresponding airflow demand, generates more blows per minute, producing faster penetration rates in even the hardest of materials. The company is also introducing bits for DTH drilling, available in several configurations and in both standard and heavy-duty versions. This allows drill operators to match the bit to the individual rock characteristics and job requirements. Bit selections include a variety of carbide shapes (spher- ical, ballistic) and face shapes (concave, flat, convex). These particular bits are optimized for high wear resistance and improved rock chip- ping. The aggressive, long-lasting cutting structure combined with the efficient CAT DTH hammer delivers a superior rate of penetration. The company uses advanced materials and heat treatment technology which provides a longer life and results in lower overall drilling costs in the most demanding conditions. A head-to-head trial in iron ore and quarry applications revealed the CAT DTH hammers and bits significantly lowered the total cost of drilling. EXB