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New Enhanced Line o f Personal Protective Equipment Adapted from Information by Milwaukee Tool Milwaukee Tool has announced a n ew line of personal protective equipment (PPE) to enhance safety and productivity on the jobs ite with their new line of personal safety solutions. The initial line of Milwaukee Tool PPE includes a range of hard hats, safety glasses, high-visibility safety vests, respirators, and hearing prote ction, as well as an expansion of the safety glove line. The company’s innovative PPE line in cludes: 1. High-Visibility Performance Safet y Vest - Available with 15 reinforced pockets, a clear ID holder, zippered rear tablet pocket, and a quick internal size adjustment. It also has a comfortable padded collar and a dur able pass-through slit for fall protection gear. 2. He aring Protection - Providing all-day comfort, these earplugs and reusable corded earpl ugs are made of soft, comfortable foam. Its tapered shape allows them to expand quick ly and fit better. The reusable corded earplugs allow for easy access and can be worn around the neck or stored in its carrying case while not in use. The corded earpl ugs have a noise reduction rating of 26 to protect against hazardous noise. 3. Sa fety Glasses - Three lines of eye protection are available in both clear and tinted mod els: Safety Glasses, Performance Safety Glasses, and Performance Safety Glas ses with Gasket. All of these safety glasses are equipped with antifog and antis- cratc h lenses and a flexible nose bridge for a better, more comfortable fit. As a step up in pr oductivity and durability, the Performance Safety Glasses provide military-grade impa ct protection. In addition to military-grade impact protection, the Performance Safe ty Glasses with Gasket feature a removable gasket to protect users from debris. 4. Re spirators (with and without Gasket) - Designed to help you stay cool while at work , new N95 respirators are equipped with a valve which reduces heat inside the mask by ten degrees. They are also equipped with soft, adjustable straps and a flexible nose bridge to ensure a better fit. 5. Gloves - The new Impact Demoliti on Gloves are built with enhanced TPR (thermoplastic rubber) on the back of the fingertips and palms. It even includes a specially designed knuckle to allow the use of smart phones and touch screens, without removing gloves or wiping yo ur dirty finger across the screen. A breathable lining and built-in terry cloth sweat wipe help the user remain comfortable all day. The cut-resistant line has added a new high-visibility polyurethane dipped glove with a breathable, lightweight back for better fit and a nitrile rein- forcement between the thumb for better protection. The final addition is the new Goatskin Leather Glove, with comfortable top-grain goatskin leather and a reinforced palm for a longer life. 6. Hard Hats - One of the most common problems with current hard hat designs is they aren’t built with the versatility to support accessories and additional PPE. Users end up modifying them by drilling holes and using zip ties which weakens the i n t eg r i t y o f t he ha r d ha t . The Milwaukee hard hats feature six total accessory slots, four BOLT™ accessory slots, and two universal accessory slots, giving users sever- al ways to customize their hard hat for the jobsite. All hard hats are type 1 and offered in both Class C and Class E, and available in either a front or full brim style. Making sure your crew has the right equipment for the job includes PPE. Protect your crew with the latest in PPE technology designed to keep workers safe so they can remain productive on the job. 7 WorldWide Drilling Resource ® FEBRUARY 2020 DIR