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New 5000-HP Pump Hits Hydraulic Fracturing Site in Canada Adapted from Information by Gardner Denver Since 1859, Gardner Denver’s Petroleum & Industrial Pumps (P&IP) division has been providing the drilling, well servicing, and hydraulic fracturing industries with high-quality pumps. When the company noticed hydraulic fracturing sites around the country wanted more horsepower (HP), it came up with the new Thunder 5000 HP Quintuplex pump. The company recently announced it has entered into a six-month field trial of the new pump at STEP Energy Services in Alberta, Canada. Edward Bayhi, vice president and general manager for Gardner Denver P&IP said, “The Thunder 5000 HP Quintuplex pump carves a pathway for customers to achieve maximum flow ca- pability in terms of barrels per minute, while also minimizing mainte- nance costs. The pump includes long-stroke operating performance based on the previous 3000 model, plus new Thunder fluid end tech- nology designed to significantly improve fluid end life over conven- tional designs. Our customers will benefit from improved reliability and serviceability.” The new Thunder 5000 HP Quintuplex pump features an 11-inch stroke which allows the pump to operate at slower speeds, reducing consumable costs and increasing the life of the pump. Its modern design makes it easier to service in the field, while next-generation fluid end technology, including its stainless steel construction and innovative geometric design, minimizes stress. Versatility is another key feature of this pump as it is able to work with dual fuel gas engines, electric motors, diesel engines, and gas turbine direct drives. Dallas McCauley, director, fracturing services, Canada at STEP Energy Services explained why this was the right pump for their job. “We chose the Thunder 5000 HP Quintuplex pump because of its 5000-horsepower capability. We are excited to have the opportunity to field trial Gardner Denver’s most technologically advanced and robust pump on the market,” he stated. During the six-month field trial, STEP will supply weekly operating data, including discharge pressure, suction pressure, RPM (revolutions per minute), pounds of proppant, and temperatures, while Gardner Denver engineers and service technicians conduct periodic field inspections. At the end of the trial, the pump will be returned to Gardner Denver for tear down and inspection. 19 WorldWide Drilling Resource ® JULY 2020 G&O