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9 WorldWide Drilling Resource ® JULY 2020 Utility Pole Rock Drills from Numa Numa released a range of Utility Pole Rock Drills as a complete solution for installation of pole sockets when drilling rock, overburden, boulders, or bedrock. Benefits include: - Wide range of hole sizes from 11⅞ inches to 36 inches - Customizable designs to accommodate various applications and conditions - Delivers outstanding results in overburden and solid rock for- mations - For use with excavators, utility truck mounts, or rail car mounts - Utilizes hex connection for quick changeover to different hole diameters - Full line of side inlet air swivels, hex connectors, adaptors, shock subs, shrouds, and lubricators - Easy maintenance due to only eight major hammer parts “Numa’s ongoing product innovation and results-oriented consistency has been the lifeblood for Numa for the past 35 years,” said Numa President Ralph Leonard. “Our Utility Pole Rock Drills continue this legacy with a high-quality product delivering dependable results across many different applications.” For a link to this website, visit