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The Need for Reliable Subterranean Connections Adapted from Information by Volvo Construction Equipment Over 30 large operational mines in Chile’s growing mining industry have kept the country firmly at the top of the copper production market. Rich mineral deposits have become a significant commodity for the region, and is still expensive to extract, so companies are always on the lookout for cost-cutting measures that can also boost output. With greater efficiency in mind, one of the largest mining companies in the world, Codelco, is looking to Sweden and proj- ects such as Volvo Construction Equipment’s (CE’s) 5G underground mining test pilot to set an example of finding innovative ways to reduce costs and increase capacity. “Automation and electromobility are clearly important enablers to making mining safer, cleaner, and more productive. But mining companies are increasingly looking at connectivity as hav- ing the biggest potential impact on the way they work,” said Rafael Nieweglowski, Volvo CE’s director of the southern district in Latin America. Mining machines are often working far underground, so having a strong mobile connection is vital to keep them “talking” to one another at subterranean levels. A robust wireless connection will also allow remote monitoring to predict when maintenance is required, oversee productivity of the entire operation, maintain optimum machine uptime, plus cut costs. Rafael said another key benefit for connectivity in mining is if a machine breaks down in the mine, it would stop operation since spaces are usually so tight other machines cannot go around them. Volvo CE’s advanced telematics system called CareTrack predicts machine failures, but the challenge is to keep 100% connectivity, thus the push for 5G. While 5G connectivity is still in the testing phases, Codelco is anxious to explore its potential to streamline operations in copper-rich Chile. The company is working with Volvo CE and the Chilean offices of Business Sweden and the Swedish Embassy to discuss how best to implement 5G solutions into the mining sector in coming years. CUSTOM SPECIALTY WINCHES FOR WELL DRILLING AND PUMP HOIST TRUCKS Manufactured with your specifications in mind BLOOM MANUFACTURING, INC. Custom Engineering Solutions Since 1910 Independence, IA 50644 USA P: +1 319-827-1139 P: 800-394-1139 F: +1 319-827-1140 DESIGNED FOR OUTSTANDING PERFORMANCE & SAFETY MAINLINE WINCHES 3000 to 35,000 pounds Up to 130 feet per minute SANDLINE WINCHES 1800 to 8000 pounds Up to 800 feet per minute WINCHES 26 JUNE 2020 WorldWide Drilling Resource ® August Issue Deadlines! Space Reservation: June 25 th Display & Classified Ad Copy: July 1 st MIN