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Stress & Resilience by Tim Connor We live in a stressful world. Everywhere you turn, there are people, events, circumstances, and sit- uations that can have a stressful impact on us. There are two responses to these stressful situations: 1 Use them as teachers to see where personal growth is needed. 1 Whine, moan, and bemoan your situation as unfair. Life isn’t fair or unfair. It gives each of us an equal amount of opportunities to improve or remain stuck. There are two ways to improve the outcome of these stressors in your life: a Modify your life outlook and attitudes. a Through better personal and stress management. One of the critical skills for ongoing success is the ability to bounce back from adversity. Sooner or later in life, everyone experiences failure, disappointment, set- backs, or loses the desire to keep on keeping on. Success and failure are neu- tral concepts. What makes either of them positive or negative in your life is not the event, circumstance, or situation, but what you do with them along your path of life. No one I have ever met has had a life filled with nothing but failure, or only one success after another. Resilience is your ability to keep com- ing back, again and again and again - no matter what! In His service, Tim Tim Connor may be contacted via e-mail to michele@ 30 JUNE 2020 WorldWide Drilling Resource ® Congratulations to: on u Al ec Fischer Hanahan, SC , Winner for May! Time for a Little Fun! May Puzzle Solution: Mills Machine Company, Inc. DRILLMAX ® Can you identify which ads in this issue these two photos came from? Win a prize! Send completed puzzle to: WWDR PO Box 660 Bonifay, FL 32425 fax: 850-547-0329 or e-mail: michele@ New Blasthole Drill Available Adapted from Information by Epiroc Epiroc is bringing a new rotary blasthole drill to the mining industry. The DM30 II SP (single pass) drill is a crawler-mounted, hydraulic tophead drive rig capable of faster hole-to-hole drilling at a lower cost per ton. Using the same platform as the DM45 and DML blasthole rigs, the DM30 II SP is suitable for a variety of single-pass rotary and down-the-hole (DTH) drilling applica- tions. It can achieve a clean hole depth of 36 feet for single-pass applications. Operators are sure to appreciate the rig’s small footprint which makes it easy to maneu- ver on tight benches. It is also simple to transport within the pit and over the road between pits. Its insulated, pressurized cab with tinted glass and six-way adjustable swivel seat provide the operator with excellent visibility. The operational functions are controlled from the drill operator’s console, with an ergonomic layout to allow them to instantly switch from drilling to tramming for increased productivity. Maintaining the unit is easy with its ingenious design and layout providing quick and easy access to all major service points. Designed to handle 4- to 5½-inch drill pipe and able to deliver a hole diameter of 5 to 7-7/8 inches, it also features a 30- foot drill pipe change and a standard four-rod carousel. Enhanced safety features include a cab with FOPS (falling object protective structure), ground-level isolation, an airend safety shutdown system for high-temperature situations, as well as a backup alarm, head-up propel interlock, tramming incli- nometer, and “jacks up” indicator lights. EXB