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CUSTOM SPECIALTY WINCHES FOR WELL DRILLING AND PUMP HOIST TRUCKS Manufactured with your specifications in mind BLOOM MANUFACTURING, INC. Custom Engineering Solutions Since 1910 Independence, IA 50644 USA P: +1 319-827-1139 P: 800-394-1139 F: +1 319-827-1140 DESIGNED FOR OUTSTANDING PERFORMANCE & SAFETY MAINLINE WINCHES 3000 to 35,000 pounds Up to 130 feet per minute SANDLINE WINCHES 1800 to 8000 pounds Up to 800 feet per minute WINCHES 39 WorldWide Drilling Resource ® MARCH 2020 by Tim Rasmussen Seth Weilege arrived in Guatemala with four of his friends from Iowa. They had become inspired by Seth and his sto- ries of the work in Guatemala. They came to see for themselves what it means to go to a totally strange place and mingle with people who can’t understand what you say, nor you them, and do something for them that will change their lives. When it’s all for no pay, no material reward, and really nothing to gain but the experience, is it worth it? A resounding yes! Seth made available the old Mayhew drilling rig he had owned for many years. He gave us a rock-bottom price and we provided the money to rebuild and refurbish the old rig. Water For Life then shipped it to Guatemala and Seth came down last year to drill the first six wells with the old rig he knew so well. This year, he came back to do more and brought friends to help him. Gary was ready. The rig had been serviced, the Loomis truck with the crane was ready, as well as one of our crew cab 4x4 trucks. The day after they arrived, Gary pointed them off down the road to the first drilling spot. A Christian man started a school and clinic about three hours away, and he needed water. He had been trying to get by on trucked-in water supplies, but the delivery was hit or miss, and the water situation was sometimes critical. Seth and his friends were there to change that. They set to work immediately, getting the site ready and setting up the rig. The next morning, Seth fired up the rig and down they went. The earth was not hard and drilling went fast. After one day, they were at 260 feet and test- ed the well at 20 gallons per minute. No problem. They set a pump at 160 feet and took things down. Off to the next village, up the road an hour back toward our headquarters. Just like that, the life of each villager was changed. Such a little thing, with such a huge effect, thanks to the Good Lord and folks like Seth. And thanks to all of you who support Water For Life. Seth had this to say: “Tonight my heart is full, even though we spent two tough days on a well. After we got the rig down and everything picked up, we had about an hour meeting with the villagers. They thanked us and told us we are an answered prayer and a gift from God. They took good care of us while we were there and were more than willing to help. This well will be the only potable water source for many people for many years to come.” If you would like to help, contact Gary Bartholomew at 509-466-5075 or 509-939-1941 Tim Tim Rasmussen may be contacted via e-mail to michele@world WTR