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freshwater/saltwater interface. If too much fresh groundwater is pumped from an aquifer near this interface, salty groundwater will move inland, affecting the water quality in wells near the interface. When a well pulls in salty groundwater, referred to as saltwater intrusion, the water is no longer safe to drink. Once this happens, the aquifer cannot provide drinking water until the saltwater is flushed out naturally by freshwater, which can take decades and even centuries. New York State is partnering with the US Geological Survey (USGS) to examine concerns of overpumping, saltwater intrusion, plume migration, changes in groundwater outflow to surface waters, and sustainable yield for changing hydrologic stress condi- tions. The data collected from the monitoring wells will help officials create a groundwater flow model, providing water managers with vital information necessary to manage the region's groundwater resources. The first well, located in Nassau County’s Brookside Preserve along the Freeport and Baldwin border, is being drilled to a depth of 1300 feet by Delta Well and Pump Company. The remaining 24 additional wells will be drilled in Nassau, Suffolk, Kings, and Queens counties at a later date. Nassau County Executive Laura Curran said, “Drinking water is a precious resource. The new well in Freeport will enable the USGS to comprehensively study groundwater to test the quality and assess the health of our aquifer.” 48 MARCH 2020 WorldWide Drilling Resource ® Protecting Long Island cont’d from page 43. Open the Doorway to all the Event Photos during Utah Ground Water Association 2020 To see more photos from this event, go to Feel free to download at will and print the photo(s) of your choice. Compliments of WorldWide Drilling Resource ® . Photos are copyrighted and released for personal use only - no commercial use permitted.