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3-Ton Pump Hoist TDH 3X2 Hybrid Mounted on Flatbed TDH 3X2 Mounted on Service Body TDH 6X2 Mounted on Flatbed 3-Ton Pump Hoist 6-Ton Pump Hoist Quality Built From Experience 888-300-2220 FINANCING AVAILABLE* *W.A.C. Free Delivery* *RULES AND RESTRICTIONS APPLY 9 WorldWide Drilling Resource ® MARCH 2020 Introducing the New D-70 Diedrich Drill created the new D-70 high-torque, heavy-duty, all-purpose rig to deliver big power with a compact footprint. It was designed from the ground up to provide the ideal combination of all- terrain mobility and drilling performance. The system comes with a hydraulic breakout wrench and is capable of holding up to eight-inch outside-diameter drill rods or casing. They slide on and off the hole and also move side to side, storing easily under the rig. Features include: Engine - Tier 4, four cylinder, 125 horsepower Spindle Bore - 3½ inches Push Force - 21,450 pounds Retract Force - 32,500 pounds Transmission - helical gear with five forward and one reverse Mast - 21 feet from the slide base to top of the sheave block Rod Rack - deck-mounted is standard with drill platform Toolboxes - available in several sizes The D-70 boasts an industry-leading track system, robust rotary drive with all the options needed, all connected by a sturdy frame that is ready to work. For a link to this website, visit