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Pull the Tooth by Tim Connor Ever had a toothache? Did you live with the pain for days or weeks, or did you schedule an appoint- ment with your dentist? I'm guessing the appointment. Why? Well, why live with the pain when it can be eliminated or fixed? Only an idiot would live with the pain. What does this have to do with a business, career, relationship, or life in general? Let me give you a few examples: 3 You don't terminate a poor employee - you just live with their poor performance. 3 You are unhappy in a relationship and there seems no evidence it will ever improve - but you stay. 3 You hate your career; it offers no satisfaction, future success, joy, or happiness - but you don't leave. 3 You hate winter, but refuse to move to a warmer climate for any reason. Get it? We want something better or different, but we fail to take the risk, take action, move on, or go through an open door. Why? Several reasons, but the main one is fear. Fear of losing something you like or love. Fear of the future and if you can handle it. Fear of what other people might think about your choice or decision. Fear there might be negative conse- quences worse than the ones you are living with. Fear you might not be capable of handling the tasks or chal- lenges if you make the change. Yes, there are more, but most will fall into this category. Are you guilty? Is there some area of your life where for whatever reason, often justified, you are failing to pull the tooth? Let me ask you - by living with what is the status quo, is what you are miss- ing or sacrificing worth the price? Is it worth the price of stress, unhappiness, delayed success, ______________ (fill in the blank) - ‘cause if you are not pulling the tooth, I guarantee you will pay negative consequences sooner or later. 3 Not pulling the tooth in some area of your life? Why? What are you afraid of? 3 Have a pattern of not pulling the tooth? Why? What are you afraid of? In His service, Tim Tim Connor may be contacted via e-mail to michele@ 23 WorldWide Drilling Resource ® MAY 2020 Water Well Supplies will be the editorial focus for the July issue. Submit your article ideas to: bonnie@