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Oil/Water Exploration by Harold White I went out to find a location to drill a water well with the landowner. He said he had plenty of water from a spring on his property that other people nearby had water rights to. He mentioned he had to have a well that produced five gallons per minute or more to get a permit to build on his property. He said a well he had “witched” was drilled a little farther up the hill. It was over 700 feet deep, but no water. I checked the well site and explained the problems, then showed him where I would have drilled. We then went all over and down the other side of the mountain - eventually back to where the spring was. I checked the spring, and it had a lot of creeks going under it. One of the creeks under the spring was at an angle and crossed each other, about 150 feet northeast down the hill, around 50 feet lower. This is were I wanted to drill. I told the landowner we probably wouldn’t hit the creek, but would hit others - any one of which would make a lot of water. When I asked if it was okay, he said, “I hear you are the best. If you want to drill there, drill it. Let’s get down there.” So I marked the spot, and we started drilling. The first creek was enough, producing 60 gallons per minute of fresh drinking water. It passed all the chemical tests for drinkable, potable water. That creek has probably been there for millions of years. There are 1440 minutes in a day x 60 gallons per minute = 86,400 gallons per day, so over 86,000 people get one gallon per day. Harold Harold White may be contacted via e-mail to WTR RE: Robert Evans Wilson, Jr. WWDR April 2020 article Narcissists Prefer Dogs ~ Codependents Cats on page 26. Hi, and thanks for your magazine. I guess my cat is codependent. It takes two to go for a stroll. He’s 16. The rig is a utility hole cutter - like a giant lock hole saw. Amazing what industry has now! Tom Bates CATco Beaverton, OR 27 WorldWide Drilling Resource ® MAY 2020 Reader’s Response