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Protecting the Ground ~ not Disturbing the Peace Compiled by Editorial Staff, WorldWide Drilling Resource ® In any season, soft or wet ground conditions make for messy work, and tear- ing up customers’ yards isn’t pretty. To prevent rutting and other damage, it’s important to use professional ground protection mats. Why? 1 You need to get the job done when planned, and wet environments can pre- vent the work from even starting. Ground protection mats can get you in sooner and keep your schedule on track. 1 Happy customers aren’t just pleasant to deal with, they will refer their friends and contacts. Leaving a jobsite rutted and damaged is not a good way to build cus- tomer relations. 1 Many have found out the hard way that plywood is not a good choice for ground protection since it is porous and therefore absorbs water, which in turn makes it weak. Exposure to heat, cold, insects, etc. accelerates the rotting speed of plywood. It is also difficult to handle and lacks trac- tion, making it slick in wet conditions. 1 Heavy equipment mats made of high-density polyethylene (HDPE) mate- rial protect turf and other sensitive areas, and will not break when bent. They easily support 60-ton loads. Some even lock together for more stability. One diamond plate tread design constructed of a specific blend of HDPE boasts a load capacity of up to 120 tons, seemingly indestructible. 1 Reusing manufactured ground protection mats again and again maximizes your investment and gives your work a pro- fessional look. 257 Caroline Street Punxsutawney, PA 15767 800-927-0560 • 814-427-2555 Fax: 814-427-5164 SERVING THE WATER WELL INDUSTRY Serving the Drilling Industry 33 WorldWide Drilling Resource ® MAY 2020 ENV Photos courtesy of DICA. ~ RETRO ~ We are having a flashback to 2003, thought you would like to travel with us. InSeptember 2003, this Resource began its journey - with 48 pages - and a layout that was a true nightmare. At 2:00 AM, the day it was to be at the printer’s in Georgia, I was about to put the computers, all back- up, etc., in the Suburban and head for Monroe. Well, as the sun came up - it all fit into place. Those were some tough days for the WWDR Team. It was that day we determined, nothing could stop us. We take one day at a time and plan for the future. This point in time may put us back to 48 pages, but our determination is ever stronger, as we know yours is as well. For those of you who hang in there with this great WWDR Team of 2020, there will be rewards in your future, and you will be stronger companies despite all the hard- ship these days have put you through. God Bless, stay safe, and healthy. Ronnie, Managing Publisher Don’t forget to take advantage of those pro- grams our President Trump has put in place for us; especially The Payroll Protection Program - it is not that difficult to apply for and there are great benefits.