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26 NOVEMBER 2020 WorldWide Drilling Resource ® My mother, Lt. Emily Whitton, was a U.S. Army nurse in Europe during WWII (above). She took the photo below of a staff car behind her. ~Tom Bates Subscriber Snapshot © Tom Bates © Tom Bates Providing Gas and Oil Students with Creative Solutions Adapted from Information by Texas A&M University The recent pandemic situation has caused an extra challenge for petroleum engineering undergraduate students at Texas A&M University. Students are required to work an internship in the industry or research, and those opportunities were not easy to find this summer. Catherine Sliva, director of the undergraduate program in the Harold Vance Department of Petroleum Engineering at Texas A&M, pulled together a joint academic and industry initiative to provide summer workshops for these students which at least partially satisfied the requirement. Originally designed to help students who were unable to secure an internship, the workshops were quickly offered to all undergraduate students when spaces were available, with instructors from all over the world participating. “These workshops were taught collaboratively by faculty and industry experts,” explained Sliva. “They were taught online through either Zoom or Microsoft Teams, but were very hands-on. The students gained experience and knowledge not covered in the classroom.” The first workshop, led by former student Karen Olson, covered the use of StimPlan, a program developed by NSI Technologies, to build hydraulic fracturing models using real-world data. The second workshop was divided into two sessions. The first session, instructed by faculty member Dr. Iskander Diyashev and his brother Dr. Ildar Diyashev introduced students to Pipesim by Schlumberger. This multiphase flow simulator can be used to solve practical nodal analysis problems. The second session was led by faculty members Dr. Eduardo Gildin and Dr. Mike King. In this session, industry experts from Petex showed students how their suite of integrated production modeling software can be used to solve real industry problems. According to the students, this pilot program was a huge success. “I think the part that was most beneficial was the amount of knowledge I got, not only about hydraulic fracturing but about current technology and how the industry works,” said Samantha Mack. “The personal experiences the speakers shared gave me a look into what it is like working in the industry I did not expect to get.” All of the positive feedback has been encouraging to Sliva. “We hope to offer more workshops of this type to our students in the future,” she stated. “This is one more learning opportunity that will set Aggie petroleum engineers apart from their peers at other universities.” Sliva was presented the 2020 Texas A&M University College of Engineering Instructional Faculty Teaching Award. DIR Groundwater / Water Well by: Princeton Groundwater, Inc. Remediation Course December 7-11 ~ LIVE ONLINE phone: 813-964-0800 Pipe by: McElroy University Medium Diameter Hydraulic Butt Fusion Operator Qualification December 1-2 ~ Houston, TX December 10-11 ~ Tulsa, OK December 14-15 ~ Houston, TX Large Diameter Fusion Operator Requalification December 7 ~ Tulsa, OK Medium Diameter Fusion Operator Requalification December 7 ~ Tulsa, OK Small Diameter Fusion Operator Requalification Education Connection December 7 ~ Tulsa, OK Saddle Fusion Operator Qualification December 8 ~ Tulsa, OK Socket Fusion Operator Qualification December 8 ~ Tulsa, OK Manual Butt Fusion Operator Qualification December 9 ~ Tulsa, OK Large Diameter Fusion Operator Qualification December 14-15 ~ Tulsa, OK phone: 918-836-8611 by: North American Society for Trenchless Technology Pipe Bursting Good Practices Course December 8-9 ~ VIRTUAL WEBINAR phone: 888-993-9935 More education opportunities during events can be found by clicking here online at: