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34 NOVEMBER 2020 WorldWide Drilling Resource ® Pioneering Spirit Leads to Innovative Solutions Adapted from Information by Grundfos The pioneering spirit of Grundfos began with its very first pump in 1945, and continues today with innovative digital solutions 75 years later. The company was founded by engineer Poul Due Jensen in Bjerringbro, Denmark, as Bjerringbro Die-casting Foundry and Machine Factory, in the cellar of his private villa in 1944. In 1945, he was asked by a local farmer if he could locate a small automatic pump for him, when he wasn’t able to find one of satisfactory quality, Poul decided to develop one himself. Since the company’s pump activities began in 1945, it is the celebratory year for Grundfos’ anniversaries. Production of the centrifugal pump began in 1952, and it was the first Grundfos pump to use centrifugal pump technology. Piston pumps were soon replaced by centrifugal pumps. The name Grundfoss was originally a product name, but became synonymous with the company during the 1960s and, by 1967, the second “s” was removed and the company’s name became the Grundfos name we are familiar with today. In 1962, the company decided to offer education opportunities for employees as expansion and global trade became more relevant. The first education was courses in different languages and math. The 1970s was a decade of growth and expansion for the company as it introduced the first inline multistage centrifugal pump ever produced; established its first overseas subsidiary in the U.S.; began production of submersible motors; and developed a portable centrifugal pump - the jet pump. In 1975, Poul Due Jensen established the Poul Due Jensen Foundation which was given the majority of Grundfos shares. Sadly, Poul Due Jensen passed away in November 1977, at the early age of 65. His son Niels Due Jensen, who was 34 years old at the time, was placed in charge of the company. With the 1980s, came a new interest in the climate and sustainability. Grundfos introduced their solar-driven pump in 1982, winning a United Nations Development Programme competition. The first wastewater pump came about in 1984, while the company invented the first pump calculation program in the world for commercial use. Technology bolstered the company’s focus in the 1990s with creation of the JetSub, the first submersible pump with built-in electronics; its own MGE electric motor; the first stainless steel sewage pump; and even pumps operated by remote control. The newmillennium brought about the next generation of pumps. The company introduced the first digital dosing pump; the SQFlex pump offered a flexible power supply for remote areas with power supply issues; and the ALPHA Pro, the first low-energy pump based on a permanent magnet rotor and built-in micro frequency converter. “We celebrate the pioneering and socially responsible spirit that has driven Grundfos since the beginning, and continues to drive us today. We carry that mindset forward with a profound commitment to fight the imminent climate and water challenges affecting all of us,” stated Mads Nipper, group president and CEO of Grundfos. “I am proud to say that Grundfos is now stronger than ever. Based on our fantastic heritage, we have an ambition over the coming decade to contribute to bringing safely managed drinking water to 300 million people, and to become a climate positive company. Thanks to our talented and diverse global team, we continue to push forward with a constant eye on pioneering solutions that shape our entire industry and beyond.” The evolution of Grundfos and their product lines continues today. Recently, the company announced its WellConnect App with a new pump module, which allows water well contractors to complete daily water system management tasks (such as drilling logs, completion and downhole data, pump history, and even maintenance history) from their smartphone, tablet, or computer. Another useful tool is the Grundfos Product Center, an online search and sizing tool to help contractors select the right pump for installation or replacement, or to get additional information about existing pumps. The company also continues its philanthropy work through the Poul Due Jensen Foundation, which works with various partners to provide clean potable water to people around the world. During the recent pandemic, the foundation provided 30,000 face shields for Doctors without Borders. Earlier this year, Grundfos opened a museum featuring over 150 artifacts from the company’s history. The museum is located on the site where the Poul had his first workshop in 1945. “History has always had and still has great significance for Grundfos. Our self-understanding and way of doing business is strongly linked to our values and self-understanding as pioneers who dare, can, and will do new things. All this is beautifully illustrated with the new museum,” said Poul Due Jensen, grandson of the company’s founder and current group executive vice president. Throughout the company’s 75-year history, technology and a strong pioneering spirit have lead to innovative products and solutions which took the industry in new directions. With the third generation of Jensens at the helm and a clear vision of the future, the company is poised to continue leading the world in pump innovations. The first subsidiary was founded in Wahlstedt, Germany, in 1960. The Technology Center was established in 1990, to continue the development work in production technology, optimization of production processes, and research in new materials and designs. The Foss 1 was a shallow groundwater piston pump nicknamed the Pig because of its design. TheWWDRcamera caught up with the Grundfos Team at the Texas Ground Water Association 2020 Annual Convention and Trade Show. WTR