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41 WorldWide Drilling Resource ® NOVEMBER 2020 Industry Announcements Postle Industries’ “Pi” Square, Hardface Technologies, and Postalloy ® brands have come to represent quality, service, great weldability. Postle Industries offers a complete range of welding alloys designed to protect equipment and components from wear caused by abrasion, impact, metal-to-metal friction, erosion, and cavitation. The company’s products are use in the mining, gas and oil, heavy construction / earthmoving, and quarry industries. After more than 50 years in business, the company decided to give their logos an upgrade. The company expects new exciting announcements and updates in the upcoming weeks. Flomatic is pleased to announce the expansion of its American Iron and Steel (AIS) compliant Model 408 Ball Check Valve in new 8- and 12-inch sizes. The valves are now available in sizes from 3-12 inches. The Model 408 Ball Check Valve is virtually maitenance free and constructed of a strong ductile iron body coated internally and externally with a fusion-bonded epoxy coating providing unparralelled abrasion and corrosion resistance. Royal Eijkelkamp received the Pearl of the region from Sigrid Helbig with the Economic Board in the Netherlands. The award recognized the company’s innovation, employment, sharing knowledge, expertise, and sustainability. A New Era for the Geothermal Heat Pump Industry Adapted from Information by the Geothermal Exchange Organization and the International Ground Source Heat Pump Association The International Ground Source Heat Pump Association (IGSHPA) and the Geothermal Exchange Organization (GEO) have announced confirmation of the transfer of IGSHPA from Oklahoma State University (OSU). Following a vote by the OSU Board of Regents to approve the transfer of IGSHPA to GEO earlier this year, the GEO Board of Directors, its staff, and OSU worked to develop a plan for a smooth transition. The result of these efforts has created a partnership of trade associations representing the ground source/geothermal heat pump industry, poised to become an essential part of federal and state energy policies going forward. With this new structure, GEO and IGSHPA will work together to grow the industry with GEO continuing to deliver advocacy and a strong voice at federal and state levels for policies. IGSHPA will continue to develop and de- liver training and standards to protect the integrity of the technology and ensure industry professionals have the skills, certifications, and accreditations necessary to safe- guard the proper design and installation of geothermal heat pump systems. “OSU is confident that IGSHPA will be well-served in its new home at GEO,” said OSU Assistant Dean Ed Kirtley. “The natural synergy between these two organizations will be further enhanced to create great ben- efits for the members of IGSHPA. GEO is a natural fit as a new home for IGSHPA and the geothermal heat pump industry is poised to capitalize on this new com- bined effort.” Douglas Dougherty, president and CEO of GEO said, “This has been a long time coming and I am pleased we were able to accomplish this historic transition to an aligned industry association representing the entire breadth of stakehold- ers across the industry and a singular focus on increasing market adoption. The efforts of these organizations can now be connected to inform and support one another. This cohesion represents a new chapter for the industry and will set the stage for growth for decades to come.” Although IGSHPA will be an affiliate organization of GEO, it will be functionally and operationally independent. GEO Geothermal heat pumps are self-contained units which can efficiently heat and cool homes and commercial buildings while also providing hot water. Using standard electronic thermostats and duct systems, geothermal heat pumps can be sized to heat and cool any building in any climate. Photo courtesy of IGSHPA.