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16 OCTOBER 2020 WorldWide Drilling Resource ® Hunting’s mud motors convert hydraulic energy from the drilling fluid into mechanical energy to turn the bit, independent of the drill string. This allows slower drill string rotational speeds, which in turn equals more efficient drilling and less wear on the string and its components. The company has a full selection of mud motors to fit customer’s needs, for both straight hole and directional applications. The Hunting M-Series mud motors incorporates SWB™ (survey while boring) technology that directly improves the ability to control the bit direction by locating the sonde housing into the bearing housing just three feet behind the bit, providing the operator with the most effective tracking information. A Boom for West Texas Adapted from Texas Alliance of Energy Producers News Report / Midland Reporter-Telegram by Stewart Doreen In a recent report, State Representative Tom Craddick announced President Donald Trump’s commitment to a recovery in Texas and across all energy-producing markets was in the works through incentivizing funding for energy producers. By cutting regulations and streamlining permits, things will move quickly for a recovery in Texas. New jobs, old jobs returning, increased wages, more money for health care and education, along with many others will be forthcoming through these efforts. These actions will make West Texas a great place to live and work as doors begin to open in the energy business. With the paperwork cut down, he is ensuring Texas and energy producers can spend their time doing what they do best - working. President Trump is committed to making sure the American Dream is attainable by all Americans. G&O Oil/Water Exploration by Harold White Fact or Fiction? A global war has been started. Thousands are dead and more are getting killed every day, and not a shot has been fired. Is this our introduction to germ warfare? If so, it is very efficient. No troops, planes, trains, boats, guns, or man movement - just man-altered germs causing death every day, everywhere. I have heard of germ warfare for a lot of years, and now we are in one. What people would raise germs with the intention of causing death to their brothers, sisters, and their families around the world? People are following the medical suggestions of spacing, masks, and no school, college, or sports. Stay at home and live, do not drive, no work, no income, no parties, do not shake hands. You know the drill. Stop and see how long it takes to break the economy and impoverish the country. We need to make America great again. If this is a man-altered virus, COVID-19 is a flu virus altered by some chemist, then they have a cure for it. No one person or group of chemists would not protect themselves. Find out who they are, get the cure, and get back to business as usual. Well, that sounds easy, and it should be, but why is all of this happening? Who has caused this mass murder of innocent people? Was it really an accident? Was COVID-19 really a science-altered virus to cause a massive killing of innocents? If so, what are the reasons? Why is it said it was to kill off all the older people? Is it because they are the last to know what freedom might be? The saying in government power is to never let a crisis go to waste. I have heard it several times. What does it mean? I would hope it does not mean, “Start a pandemic virus” or “Start a war”. Start any crisis that is misleading to the people or the person, and puts fear into them by killing millions of people. What is the reason? The statements and comments in this article are based on information and references believed to be true and factual. If you have any questions or comments, please forward them to me in care ofWWDR . Harold Harold White may be contacted via e-mail to