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Hydraulic Breaker/Hammer Maintenance Compiled by Editorial Staff, WorldWide Drilling Resource ® All hydraulic breakers/hammers, regardless of design or manufacturer, are tasked with cracking, splitting, or shattering substances such as rock, concrete, asphalt, and other construction aggregate materials. This action isn’t exactly easy on the equipment, so wear and tear is a certainty, and maintaining the breaker is essential to keeping it running at optimum efficiency. Plus, if the equipment fails due to lack of routine maintenance, the project stops - costing valuable time, money, and potentially decreasing the life span of the device. 1Visually inspect the breaker for wear and tear. This should be done before start of work, every time. This can give an early detection of worn items. Be sure to check for wear or cracks on the hydraulic hoses, breaker shell, attachment pins, tool retainers and locks, as well as the tool point. It’s easier to plan around scheduled maintenance than to deal with a broken machine. 1Know if your tool has a built-in automatic lubrication system. If not, you need to regularly lubricate with grease to help prevent metal-on-metal contact and protect the tool bushing area. Be sure to follow manufacturer’s directions and rec ommendations on the type of grease to use. 1Many hydraulic breakers also feature a nitrogen gas assist which also needs to be monitored. Since there is no gauge to show when the pressure should be checked, the best advice is to monitor the breaker’s performance. If there is a noticeable drop in its power output, this may be an indication of low gas pressure. The proper nitrogen pressure depends on how you are using the equipment, as well as the temperature in the conditions you are working in. Expansion and contraction due to heating and cooling can lower the gas pressure in the breaker’s piston accumulator, similar to car tires gradually losing air. Check with the manufacturer as some have a special kit for this. Hydraulic breakers are specialized machines requiring maintenance just like any other piece of equipment. 27 WorldWide Drilling Resource ® OCTOBER 2020 Marcel, Once again, great job. Thank you, Kevin Palmer Bit Co. Williston, ND In Memoriam Lawrence Dean Laramore (June 5, 1960 - August 7, 2020) As we go through life, certain people cross our paths who, even though they may be on opposite sides of the street, become unlikely friends. Thus was our relationship with Dean, a colleague in the drilling industry. It came as a terrible shock to each of us atWorldWide Drilling Resource ® to hear of Dean’s untimely death. The photo below of Dean, Ronnie, and Kathy was taken during this year’s Texas Ground Water Association Convention by George Dugan. It was taken as a joke, but we are so happy George did take that photo as we can all see how happy Dean was during that event and despite the differences in “jacket colors”, we were happy to visit with each other. We cherish this photo of him and will hold him deep in our hearts forever. Dean was a mere 60 years old when he left to be with his Lord. He was born to the late Dalilah and Julian Laramore. He was born and raised in Northwest Florida, having earned a bachelor’s degree in communications and marketing from Florida State University - home of the Florida State Seminoles, and he loved Bobby Bowden, Head Coach there for many years. He and his daughter Ashlee had an incredible bond, sharing their love of golf, sports, and being outside. He loved golf and they would text each other before Tiger Woods teed off. Dean was an outstanding father and spoke with us many times about his daughter and what she was doing. He was accepting, encouraging, and supportive of the people he loved. Most recently, Dean had obtained his real estate license and was excited about selling his first house. The Marianna and Santa Rosa, Florida areas have lost a great man, and he will be missed by people across this nation both in and out of the business circle. Our sincerest sympathies go out to Dean’s daughter Ashlee, his friends, and colleagues. May he rest in peace. Lest we forget... EXB WWDRphoto.