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Life’s Ten Vital Ingredients Part 2 by Tim Connor Here are the remaining of my ten vital ingredients to a happy, content life filled with inner peace. Surrender - Surrender is simply about letting go of self-absorption, control, ego needs, or for more com- mon themes like power, influence, or wealth. Surrender is not giving up or giving in, it's just letting go of your need to know what is coming next or to try and influence what is next and not getting discouraged or mired in self-pity when things don't go as you planned, wanted, or expected. Life happens. People who refuse to give up control, live with a great deal of pain, stress, guilt, and even remorse. All you have is one moment at a time. The previous minute is gone and you may not get the next one, so relax and just be now. Hope - Hope is all we have sometimes. When life seems at its worst and you think things can't get worse and they suddenly do - BAM - where did this one come from? Hope is a spiritual mindset that focuses on the positives. Now this doesn't mean all you hope for will materialize, but at least you are not letting despair or anxiety rule your present moments. Effort - Nothing is ever accomplished without effort. There are lots of ways to define effort - physical, emotional, or mental. It doesn't matter which form it takes, life requires if you want better outcomes or positive results, you have to act; and yes, acting in a mature, responsible, and timely manner will help the outcome a great deal. There is no guarantee your effort will produce the results or outcomes you want, but you have a better chance of achieving them if you act rather than just sit idly by waiting because you deserve it. Responsibility - The world owes you nothing - including your parents, the government, your spouse, and anyone else who crosses your path. What you achieve, or fail to achieve, is in your hands. If you choose to point your finger at anyone else, you will always feel disappointed and often like a victim. Responsibility is more than a choice, it is a responsibility, I know - doesn't make sense, but think about it. Whatever you achieve, whatever your circumstances, and whatever your outcomes, you will sooner or later have to bring them all back to the source - you. Humility - The opposite of humility is pride and arrogance. We all have degrees of pride. It is natural, but the problem be- gins when you lose your humility because of your pride. Humility is the quality of being modest and respectful. People who are humble have nothing to prove, and don't require your approval or acceptance of them. They are who they are and don't spend their life trying to impress others, but here's the interesting thing - most of the great leaders of the past were driven by humility. Can you think of any? In His service, Tim Tim Connor may be contacted via e-mail to 43 WorldWide Drilling Resource ® OCTOBER 2020