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South African Company Celebrates Market Diversification Adapted from Information by Master Drilling Group Limited Master Drilling Group Limited announced it has completed the acquisition of Geoserve Exploration Drilling Proprietary Limited out of Johannesburg, South Africa. Danie Pretorius, founder and CEO of Master Drilling said, “The transaction will augment our expertise and global reach, as well as provide a platform for horizontal integration in the mining industry, which has been under pressure in the past few years, necessitating consolidation.” Through the transaction, Master Drilling will acquire the shares of Geoserve from MOGS Mining Services Proprietary Limited and have sole control of the company. Geoserve has a well-established track record and the resources to diversify Master Drilling’s profile through increased exploration drilling, reverse circulation drilling, geotechnical investigations, and grade control drilling services, which are all key to the broader mining sector. He explained, “As business conditions become more difficult and exploration drilling budgets continue to dwindle, we believe it is critical to not only manage existing operations optimally, but also adapt to changing conditions and plan for a different future. Master Drilling’s future remains firmly driven by investments in technology, people, and processes that will generate consistent and long-term returns.” Master Drilling will also continue its work on developing and testing new machines, building on the successful commissioning of its Mobile Tunnel Borer and a shaft boring system in 2019. “We are mining technology experts and, as a business, we continue to utilize technological innovation to provide drilling solutions across a number of sectors, principally mining, but also construction and civil works. We have committed significant investment towards this technology drive over the years and will continue to do so to ensure return on investment for our investors,” concluded Pretorius. Environmental Monitoring by Thomas Kwader, Ph.D., P.G. WorldWide Drilling Resource ® Hydrogeologist Drilling Shallow Wells Near Lakes and Streams When we are selecting the location of a new well, the factors often considered are primarily based on convenience and accessibility to the owner. If the property is relatively small, the location choices may be limited based on maintaining accessibility to the well. If you have been in the well business for a long time, I am sure you have seen wells in some very unusual and unique places! This month’s article focuses on locating shallow wells on large lots where ponds, lakes, streams, or ditches may be present. The water level of a surface water body is often an indication of the water level in the shallow aquifer at that location. When the surface water bodies “dry up”, this indicates the water level has “fallen” below land surface due to the water draining to lower elevations “downhill”. Deep wells (generally 50 feet or more) are recommended for potable (drinking water) purposes. Deep groundwater gen- erally has a more consistent temperature, quality, and clarity due to the filtering processes that occur as the water travels fur- ther through the subsurface. If the location of the new well is known to have a deeper regional aquifer of good quality and quantity, it may be worth the additional cost to drill deeper. Other factors to consider when locating shallow wells: 1) Locate the well on a “high” hill rather than a low-lying area which may collect surface water runoff and can contain chemicals, bacteria, or clay that can discolor the groundwater; 2) Locate the well uphill and away from known sources of contamination; 3) Avoid long screens or open holes that start at shallow depths. Deeper screens gen- erally collect older filtered water of a more consistent quality; and, 4) Wells located in low elevations may become turbid after heavy rains. The turbidity indicates there may also be a hydrologic connection to land surface which could be a source of bacteria to the well. Tom Tom Kwader may be contacted via e-mail to ENV 7 WorldWide Drilling Resource ® OCTOBER 2020 The Oregon Coast. ~Tom Bates Subscriber Snapshot Danie founded Master Drilling in 1986, and has served as Managing Director since its incorporation. EXB