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9 WorldWide Drilling Resource ® OCTOBER 2020 Get More Out of CPT Operations The BC100 Boxed CPT Crawler series from Eijkelkamp is a ballasted track unit for cone penetration testing (CPT). The world is going digital, and more applications are making CPT operations easier and more efficient. Intelligence is also a key factor in op- erations, maintenance, and boosting production. This game changer offers new innovations such as sonic CPT, service assistant, and hydraulic self-propelled certified railway wheels. It is designed to comply with emission regulations worldwide and can be equipped with different power options. All functions of the BC100 are operated from a PLC touch screen with a manual override for several functions, while driving and levelling can be performed via a remote-controlled system. The hydraulic system is load sense controlled and built for minimal power requirements. All rigs are put through rugged field tests before leaving the factory, plus field training is offered for each new acquisi- tion. In 2021, the company will offer these units in their rental fleets for Europe and North America. For a link to this website, visit this page at: In the Netherlands, Ferry Hoogveld from Hoogveld Geonius was pleased to receive a new BC100 CPT box crawler from Eijkelkamp Geopoint SoilSolutions. Rutger van Goethem of Eijkelkamp / SonicSampDrill presented the famous Royal Eijkelkamp wine box with two top wines from their house sommelier.