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13 WorldWide Drilling Resource ® SEPTEMBER 2020 Renewed and Improved FRASTE has updated its FRASTE MULTIDRILL XL DR. The main change is the more power- ful Caterpillar engine which increased from 140 horsepower to 170, along with the latest Tier 4 emis- sion standards (Tier V coming soon). It also features stronger pullup capacity from 10 to 12 tons. This rig is equipped with two rotary heads: the upper one is for drill pipe breaking and the lower one is for casing holding. This technology facilitates drilling operations in all alluvial deposits where casing pipes are necessary; assuring safety when working and minimizing the risk of hole collapse. Equipped with a diverter mounted below the lower rotary head, allows for perfect management of drilling debris flow, keeping the drilling area tidy and clean. Although it was originally designed for geothermal drilling, this rig is also used for water well drilling and other applications. WHO’S IN THE NEWS Numa announced the addition of Phil Dixon as inter- national sales manager. Based in England, Phil will be responsible for managing accounts in Europe, Middle East, and Africa. Phil will be working directly with drill operators to assist them with choosing the best products for the job or devel- oping customized solutions for difficult projects where specialized tooling is required. Breaking News Additional announcements from the Deep Foundations Institute, Continental Commercial Specialty Tires, and the Underground Construction Association, can be found by clicking this box in our online issue: Send your Who’s in the News to: