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20 SEPTEMBER 2020 WorldWide Drilling Resource ® Numa added to its HDD (horizontal directional drilling) product line with the HDD 80, which consists of a variety of HDD components including hammer, bits, side-load sonde housing, bent subs, and adaptors capable of drilling holes 9¾ to 10 inches in diameter. Some of the many benefits of the HDD 80 are improved steerability, fast penetration rate, simplified field maintenance, reduced air requirements, plus lower overall cost per foot. Numa’s high-quality HDD products are made in the USA, and provide the right balance of performance and dependability with- out sacrificing tool life. Numa is a Valued WWDR Advertiser. New Drilling Technique for Geothermal Possibilities Adapted from Information by Huisman Equipment In the Netherlands, the RESULT (enhancing reservoirs in urban development) project is studying an innovative drilling technique is to see if it can improve pro- duction from thin reservoirs 30-100%. The group is currently searching for a borehole to demonstrate the new technique. Although the preferred location for the demonstration is in the municipality of Zwolle, the final location will be known in 2021. In the Master Plan Geothermal Energy in the Netherlands , the country has an ambitious goal to use geothermal energy to heat approximately 25% of homes, light industry, and the horticulture sector by 2050. In the Westland and North Holland areas, a great deal of knowledge about the sub- surface and suitable reservoirs for geothermal heat extraction already exists. Of course, whether it is economically feasible to develop those resources depends on the depth, thickness, and permeability of the reservoirs. Typically, areas with a permeable layer around 325 feet thick are practical for development. However, this new drilling method may be helpful in extracting heat from less thick and less permeable layers. Maurice Hanegraaf of TNO, the Netherlands Organization for applied scientific research said, “If the drilling with the new technique succeeds, geothermal energy can be developed in many more areas of the Netherlands than is currently the case.” According to Remco van Ee of Huisman Geo, “For Zwolle, we are assuming a stratum of approximately [200 feet] at the location where a heat network can be developed. Through multilateral drilling - a form of drilling with different lateral branches - we want to demonstrate that production can be significantly increased and costs can be reduced using innovative tools as compared to regular drilling techniques. In a successful demonstration, the first well will be the production well and the second will be the injection well.” Councillor Monique Schuttenbeld of the municipality of Zwolle is excited about the possibilities. “In Zwolle, we have already done a lot of preliminary work in order to be able to use geothermal energy as a sustainable source of heat for the city. In Dijklanden, we’ve found a suitable location for this. The site next to the neighbor- hoods of Holtenbroek and Aa-landen is very favorable. For these neighborhoods, a heat network seems to be the best alternative to heating with natural gas. Research shows that the subsurface is suitable for the extraction of geothermal heat, but that there’s a stratum with a limited thickness. RESULT’s goal therefore fits in very well with the situation in Zwolle. For us, this project is a wonderful opportunity to take the development of geothermal energy in Zwolle to the next phase,” she stated. Before work begins, TNO and Huisman Geo will test the drilling technique to depths of roughly 1300 feet at the TNO facility, Rijswijk Centre for Sustainable Geo Energy, in the province of Zuid-Holland. Construction by: Concrete Sawing and Drilling Assn Sawing & Drilling 101 Training October 12-16 ~ Olathe, KS phone : 727-577-5004 Engine/Machinery Maintenance by: Sullivan-Palatek, Inc. Portable Diesel Air Compressor Technician Training October 12-15 ~ Michigan City, IN phone: 219-874-2497 Groundwater / Water Well by: Princeton Groundwater, Inc. Pollution & Hydrology Course October 5-9 ~ Las Vegas, NV phone : 813-964-0800 Irrigation by: Rain Bird Academy Training October 5-9 ~Tucson, AZ October 5-9 ~ Charleston, SC October 12-16 ~ Memphis, TN October 12-16 ~ Sacramento, CA phone : 800-498-1942 More education opportunities during events can be found online at: Education Connection GEO