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Another 20 Years is a No-Brainer Adapted from Information by Hose Solutions, Inc. Hose Solutions, Inc. (HSI) is the product of an internation- al history dating back to the late 1800s. Since those early years, the family has been involved in weaving, a critical part in manufacturing the company’s specialized, high-pressure hoses. They are celebrating the 20-year anniversary of HSI opening its doors in Arizona. Arriving in the U.S., the primary focus was introducing Boreline flexible drop pipe to the groundwater industry. The product is designed to replace rigid pipes used with submersible pumps. There are many advantages to converting to flexible drop pipe, including it being totally noncorrosive with a long life expectancy. Its greatest impact is on the bottom line, as moving to Boreline results in massive energy savings. While the company has always remained focused on technological improvements, Hose Solutions also emphasizes working with suppli- ers and customers to form long-term, strategic relationships. Over the years, the company began offering other high-performance products for mine dewatering, agriculture, fracturing, and fuel trans- fer for civilian and military use. Today, HSI is recognized internationally as a leader in innova- tion, quality, and responsiveness, and is active in North and South America, having sold product everywhere from the north shore of Alaska, down to Antarctica. HSI considers 20 years as just the beginning, and they look forward to another 20 because they have a lot to accomplish, and hard work ahead of them. Their biggest challenge is getting more of the amazing Boreline product into the hands of end users. They continue to focus on introduction and education, helping drill operators and con- tractors realize the great opportunities and increased margins the product has for them. Boreline is a "no-brainer", and Hose Solutions is proud to get the message out. 22 SEPTEMBER 2020 WorldWide Drilling Resource ® Boreline Flexible Drop Pipe Simplify your life. Replace your rigid pipes. Hose Solutions, Inc. Scottsdale AZ 480-607-1507 Simple installation and retrieval. Total corrosion resistance. Safer working environment. 50-year warranty. 900 psi burst; 40,000 lbs. tensile. BORELINE Flexible Drop Pipe MIN Stabilizing a Slope in Washington Compiled by Editorial Staff, WorldWide Drilling Resource ® A stretch of highway U.S. 101, known as Cosi Hill, near Cosmopolis, Washington, sat on a prehistoric landslide and was plagued by chronic roadway settlement where slides recurred under the highway. The Washington State Department of Transportation conducted slide mitigation efforts in 1994, and additional measures were implemented in 1998. More extensive geotechnical earthwork was needed as those fixes proved to last only until the next heavy rainstorm hit, and the continuous roadway repaving by maintenance crews was not cost effective. A more permanent solution for the slide-prone section of road began a year ago. The bank was cut down on one side to make a flat surface. Over 500 holes were drilled, a metal sleeve was inserted into each shaft, then filled with small rocks to stabilize the slope. The metal was removed after the rock settled. About 3100 dump truckloads of excavated material were removed during the reconstruction. Each borehole was six feet in diameter and ranged from 20 feet to over 50 feet in depth. The complex, detailed work involved each hole to be drilled straight, with a less than 2% margin of error. A crew member used a level to measure each spot as the drill was put into position. To maximize stability, project engineers specified the exact location and depth for each shaft. These now form a buttress to support the roadway and securely hold the hillside in place. Repaving, final striping, guidepost installation, and guardrails are the last steps to com- plete the project. Editor’s Note: In between our print issues, the WWDR Team prepares an electronic newsletter called E-News Flash . This newsletter is filled with articles not included in our print issue. Based on readership, this was the most popular article of the month. Get in on the action and subscribe today at: C&G Photo courtesy of the Washington State Department of Transportation.