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In Memoriam Pauline “Paula” Williams (1935 ~ 2020) The WWDR Team was saddened to learn of the passing of the fun-loving Pauline “Paula” Williams on July 22, 2020, from the effects of Lewy Body Dementia. Born in Islip, England, Paula grew up during World War II. She went to a girls school, then worked in a chemist shop after high school. She married an American, Don Oxford, becoming a military wife and spending the next 15 years living in England, Germany, Texas, Kansas, and Massachusetts. Tragically, Don perished in a car accident in 1968, just before his scheduled retirement. Paula then relocated to the Pacific Northwest with her son Gareth. She earned a degree in anthropology from the Eastern Washington State College, where she met her future husband, Larry Williams. Working for Kraft Foods, she became their first institutional sales representative in the Pacific Northwest. In 1974, she received a Smithsonian Fellowship to do anthropology fieldwork at Expo ‘74; and later worked for the U.S. International Trade Administration coordinating international group visits to Spokane. She also taught western civilization at Heritage College to classes of international students. In 1985, Paula created, edited, and published the Town and Country Gazette , serving readers and advertisers in Eastern Washington, North Idaho, and Western Montana until she sold the publication and retired in 2002. WWDR ’s Kathy remembers calling Paula to go over their ad and how Paula loved to discuss colors, the layout, and all about her fondness of working with her Gazette . During this same time, she was in business with Larry at TekMark Industries. Many customers were enamored with Paula’s English accent, asking to place orders with her just so they could hear her talk. Everyone delighted in speaking with Paula at regional and national trade events too. She gained a new name at National Ground Water Association shows from her dominance in friendly penny-ante poker games where she became known as “Pat Hand”. And to all those who lost money to her - she said she’s not giving it back! She will surely be missed by her husband of 49 years, Larry; sister Marian; daughter-in-law Lynn; many nieces, nephews, other extended family, and countless friends, including those who met for monthly pot luck dinners over much of the last 30 years. Paula requested to be signed off with her favorite salutation: “Cheers My Dears!” Lest we forget... 30 SEPTEMBER 2020 WorldWide Drilling Resource ®