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A Golden Anniversary and the American Dream Adapted from Information by Thompson Pump and Manufacturing Company George A. Thompson and his sons, Bill and George M., established Thompson Pump and Manufacturing Company in 1970, in Port Orange, Florida. At the time of its inception, George A. had been working as an operating engineer in NASA’s (National Aeronautics and Space Administration’s) Apollo program, Bill had just finished college, and George M. had just completed high school. The company started as a dewatering contrac- tor answering the needs of a booming construction market in the Southeast. George A. used his mechanical skills to invent pump products which earned the company a reputation for innovation. It wasn’t long before the company’s focus shifted to manufacturing and selling the uniquely designed pumps. In 1973, the company introduced a rotary pump for dewatering for the first time. The rotary pump proved to be so efficient at wellpoint dewatering, Thompson quickly became a market leader. In 1977, the company launched its own version of vacuum-assisted pumps, which allowed standard pumps to prime without filling the pump housing with water first, and to reach higher heads for demanding appli- cations. Product innovation continued in the 1980s with the introduction of Thompson’s hydraulic power units with submersible pump heads for high head applications, such as mines or quarries. This continuous expansion of the pump line attracted the attention of distributors across the country. The 1990s brought more growth as branches were quickly outgrowing the original facilities and new sites were opened, some with testing facilities to improve product quality a nd performance.  Today, the company has more t han 30 regional, national, and interna- tional distributors. It has grown from three employees, to the largest private employer in Port Orange, serving t he pumping and dewatering needs of underground utility, road building, remediation, and mining operations around the world. According to Bill Thompson, chairman of Thompson Pump, the family’s hard wo rk, aggressive goals, willingness to risk it all, creativity, and ingenuity has been a driving force. “We’re living the American Drea m! Reaching this milestone of 50 years is very gratifying for me, the entire Thompson family, and the folks who stood side-by-side with us,” he stated. “I wish my father, my brother, and many of the fine individuals who played signif- icant roles with us on this journey could be here to experience and celebrate this achievement with us, but I’m honored to share this with my two sons, Chris and Bobby, who are helping lead the compa- ny into the future.” As for the next 50 years, Thompson says the company is refocusing on designing, developing, and manufactur- ing new products as Thompson Pump and Manufacturing Company continues to lead the industry, with the family’s third generation at the helm. 37 WorldWide Drilling Resource ® SEPTEMBER 2020 EXB 302-684-3197 FAX: 302-384-0643 142 Broadkill Rd. • Milton, DE 19968 email: Manufacturers of Slotted & Perforated Pipe ranging from ½” to 24” diameter Atlantic Screen & Mfg., Inc. • Well Rehab. Products • Manholes • Bentonite • Filter Sock • Inline Chemical Mixers • Sampling Bailers • Clear PVC Pipe • Locking Caps Congratulat ions to: Bob Murphy USI Insurance Services, Inc. Scott’s Valley, CA Winner for August!! Time for a Little Fun! August Puzzle Solution: DANGER GUARDS HAZARD SAFETY SECURE SHIELD GLOVES COVERS POLICY MANUAL Win a prize! Send completed puzzle to: WWDR PO Box 660 Bonifay, FL 32425 fax: 850-547-0329 or e-mail: michele@ Unscramble the editorial focus words and place them in the spaces provided. Once complete, the circled letters will reveal another word.