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In Memoriam David “Dave” Baca (1964 ~ 2020) Every once in a while, we come across someone who is just “genuine”. Dave Baca was that person. It saddened us deeply to hear of his passing. Dave battled a brief, but fierce and courageous fight with lung cancer, leaving us on May 23rd. He en- joyed life sharing the outdoors with his three daughters camping, being on the water, hunting, and fishing. He served on the Gig Harbor Police Department (Oregon) after being an Explorer during his youth. Serving as General Manager for 30 years at Aardvark Packers is a feather in his cap for sure. He provided exceptionally loyal service and dedication to his customers and colleagues. Dave had that kind of smile you never forget, and will be remembered by many for his lively sense of humor, loyalty, and everything that made him “Dave”. He is survived by his three daughters, immediate and large extended family, and of course all his friends in the drilling in- dustry worldwide. He is preceded in death by his father. In lieu of flowers or gifts, the family requested you consider donations to the Orca Conservancy Trust Fund or plan a me- morial tree in Dave’s memory. Lest we forget... Life’s Ten Vital Ingredients Part 1 by Tim Connor Do you want to be happy? Content? Have inner peace? Feel joy every day? Well, after reading over 100 spiritual books, including the Bible (cover to cover), here is what I came up with. I did not put them in any special order as they are all important if you want to spend your remaining years on earth (regardless of your age) with a sense of meaning and value. You can agree or disagree with the list; I am only sharing what I have learned from my study and research. Love - I'm not referring to romantic love, but a mindset of love. Whether it's self-love or the love of life in general, when love is the basis of all of your thoughts, behaviors, decisions, and actions, you will tend to bring peace, happiness, and joy into your life. Faith - I am not referring to religious faith, but that is included in the general mindset of faith. Faith is trusting what you can't see, don't know, or is not present. Faith is a vital part of life, such as faith your efforts will eventually produce positive effects or benefits. Faith in yourself, your future, your decisions, or life in general. Faith is seeing all that happens in your life as eventually good, even though it might seem like chaos at the moment. Gratitude - On a routine basis, most people focus on what they want or is missing in their life. Let me ask you a question - the last time you lost something in your life, was your immediate reaction one of gratitude for what you still have, or did you concentrate on your loss? Yes, you need to grieve and feel the pain of loss whether a job or some aspect of your health, but I would ask you to consider - how many blessings do you still have? Growth - If you are not growing, you are falling behind. Whether it's some area of your career, your relationship skills, or just general wisdom and life experience, it is critical you keep learning. I'm not suggesting you spend hours at your computer searching for more information than you will ever need, but the simple trait of having a "life-learning mindset" where you are always open to new ideas, skills, approaches, or attitudes. Service to others - Life is about giving, not getting. Ever watched the smile on another's face when you did something for them or gave them a special gift? Joy was experienced by you as well, but the interesting thing is, your joy is greater than theirs, no matter the gift or act of service. Giving that has value says you care, you are thoughtful, compassionate, and unselfish. Service to others can be simply hold- ing a door open for someone or spending months or years as a missionary, but the result is always the same - you get more than they do - and trust me, they get a lot. In His service, Tim WorldWide Drilling Resource ® Atlantis Vault • Self-Contained • Simple installation • Trouble-free operation For more information call: (270) 786-3010 or visit us online: 40 SEPTEMBER 2020