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42 SEPTEMBER 2020 WorldWide Drilling Resource ® 50 Years of Revolutionizing Horizontal Directional Drilling Adapted from Information by American Augers American Augers was founded in 1970, focusing on the production of the auger boring machine. Today, the product lines span auger boring, horizontal directional drilling (HDD), trenchers, and surface miners. In fact, the company builds the largest category of horizontal directional drills in the industry. Over the years, the company has focused heavily on developing products and systems which improve productivity while increasing overall safety. American Augers was the first company to eliminate chains and go completely to rack and pinion on all HDD rigs. In 2001, the company responded to the safety needs of exit pit crews with its es!lok ® system which allows workers in the exit pit to lockout drills while working directly on the drill string or with exit side tooling. The company’s drive to move the indus- try forward includes several pioneering prod- ucts, including an electric auger boring machine introduced in 2017. This machine keeps fumes out of the pit, making the job safer for workers, while continuing to offer enough power to drill through tough bores. Earlier this year, American Augers highlighted its new M300DH fluid cleaning system at CONEXPO in Las Vegas, Nevada. This skid- or trailer-mounted fluid cleaning system is designed for confined jobsites and easily mobilized for quick load in and load out. After all, clean drilling fluid is one of the most beneficial ways to in- crease production and extend the life of your drilling equipment. The company is celebrating 50 years of manufacturing some of the most rugged and reliable underground construction rigs in the world. Developed and handcrafted in the U.S.A., American Auger's rigs are built to last and backed with 24-hour worldwide support. The company’s 241,000-square-foot facilities located in West Salem, Ohio. The M300DH is small but has the power to clean and circulate drilling fluids for any brand of drill with 100,000 to 240,000 pounds of pullback. DIR