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LOOK HERE - Are You Aware? Ronnie’s Real World ~ 2021 Enlightening . . . Your Responses Are Welcome and Encouraged. Yes, things have certainly changed this year. Many have decided to sit in a “holding pattern” until the dust clears. Smart? Guess that depends on who you are and what your position in life is. Own a business you worked hard to build, to make sure those employees who depend on you, have a job to come to? An employee working “for Friday”? Working from home during this Pandemic? Enjoy the luxury of working from home? Working in the field every day from “can to can’t” to ensure your fam- ily eats and has clothes on their backs? While we are working on figuring all that out, some companies are “changing the rules” which may affect our livelihood, and those rules have become challenging at best. May be depressing to think someone can just up and take away all the sweat and tears you put into “graduation” to become a respected person and your business a respected entity in the drilling industry and with your customers looking up to you because of those accomplishments. When these two items below came to my attention, they upset me. I’m not sure how this helps the future of our drilling contractors, who are professionals in their field, trying to do the best they can. There is no better school than the “School of Hard Knocks” as the down-to-earth way of learning with “Hands-On” has been known to be called. Sitting behind a computer is certainly not the norm for drilling con- tractors who go out every day to service the wells for their customers; to actually put new wells in for old and new customers. No amount of “screen time” can give you the experience it takes to do the job the way it needs to be done with all its twists and turns day after day. When a drilling contractor, with years of hands-on experience, holds onto the back of a rig, perhaps while reading a magazine or eating a sandwich, why do you think he has his hand on that rig? That is the way he feels what the rig is telling him. That different feel in the vibration of the equipment is his/her signal either everything is going better, or God forbid, something is definitely wrong. Can’t feel that behind a computer screen, on your cell phone, or iPad. Number One It’s the job of good journalists and magazines to provide honest happenings to its subscribers. WorldWide Drilling Resource ® does just that. It doesn’t take sides; it just brings to the forefront issues that affect the drilling industry. These are just that. Would you like to weigh in? SUBJECT LINE: Are You Aware April 2021. Continued on next page. . . . Number Two 13 APRIL 2021 WorldWide Drilling Resource ®