WorldWide Drilling Resource

23 APRIL 2021 WorldWide Drilling Resource® An Auger for Gold Adapted from Information by Kula Gold Ltd and Bullseye Mining Limited Shakespeare wrote about how gold inspires people: “Gold - what can it not do, and undo?” This precious ore has been the inspiration for many searches, and today is no different except for more advanced technology and machinery allowing searches in places once inaccessible. The Southern Cross Greenstone Belt in Western Australia, has a long history of mineral exploration dating back to early prospector activity in the 19th century. Boasting over 150 known gold deposits and historically producing over 15 million ounces of gold, the area still contains a number of gold deposits, including the three-million-ounce Marvel Loch gold deposit. This has inspired one company to develop a better mobile auger drill rig to search for the buried treasure. In late November 2020, Kula Gold, a Western Australia gold exploration company with a history of large gold resource discoveries, embarked upon a project depending on auger drilling. The company contracted with Sahara Natural Resources, an African company, for the construction of an auger unit at their base in Western Australia. Sahara is Africa’s largest auger geochemical company with over 11 million feet of auger drilling, resulting in more than 30 grass roots discoveries in West Africa over the last ten years, so their experience with auger drilling needs was valuable in creating this new machine. Kula Gold completed a 400-hole program, deploying their powerful new Sahara mobile auger rig on the Marvel Loch Airfield Gold Project, which covers an area of 74 square miles and is located about three miles east of the town of Marvel Loch, a major gold mining center. Kula’s project was designed to test previously reported shallow-drilling-generated gold in soil anomalies, as well as Kula-generated targets for a deeper auger drilling program. Sahara’s four-wheel-drive auger rig, capable of drilling to a depth of 98 feet, did not disappoint. Using the new rig, Kula targeted the “interface zone” between overlying sand/clay and underlying saprolite, weathered bedrock. Fieldwork was successfully completed, and samples from the drilling were sent to Bureau Veritas in Perth, Australia, for multielement analysis. Kula Gold’s purpose-built Sahara mobile auger drill rig. MIN