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31 APRIL 2021 WorldWide Drilling Resource ® Industry Announcements Triumph Gold Corp., a Canadian based, growth-oriented gold exploration and development company, announced it has entered into an agreement with Teck Resources Limited to acquire the Big Creek copper-gold property located in Yukon, Canada. The Big Creek Property consists of 258 contiguous quartz mining claims in the Whitehorse Mining District of Yukon and borders Triumph Gold’s 100% owned Tad/Toro property to the northwest, significantly expanding the company’s interest in the Dawson Range Gold District. Vesconite Bearings introduced a pump containing three sleeve bearings made from a new bearing mate- rial, Hitemp 160 - which can operate to temperatures up to 320ºF (160ºC) and is resistant to abrasive material - has been tested in a pump that has received South African Bureau of Standards (SABS) certification. Phillip de Villiers, Vesconite pump applications specialist said, “ . . .Our proprietary Hitemp 160 material . . . has excellent abrasive properties, negligible water swell, and allows the pump to run dry periodically.” The new material fills a gap in the market for high-temperature bear- ings able to operate to 320ºF (160ºC) in immersed conditions. Missouri American Water completed construction on a new $11 million clear well, high-service pump station, and storage tank with a capacity of up to one million gallons of drinking water for customers. “We are excited the improvements at our Jefferson City treatment plant will improve our ability to provide clean, safe, reliable service to our customers,” said Brent Haas, manager of Jefferson City operations for Missouri American Water. “The clear well, which serves as a storage tank for our treated drinking water, dated back to 1888 and was well past its expected life,” he stated. Missouri American Water partnered with Goodwin Brothers Construction Co. and several local companies, such as Stokes Electric, Harold E. Butzer - Mechanical, and Central Missouri Professional Services, Inc., to design and build the new clear well during the 15-month construction project. tĞůů WƌŽĚƵĐƚƐ tĂƚĞƌ ^ǁŝǀĞůƐ ^ĂĨĞƚLJ ,ĂŵŵĞƌƐ Θ ƌŝǀŝŶŐ ƋƵŝƉŵĞŶƚ ^Žŝů ^ĂŵƉůŝŶŐ ZŽůůĞƌ Θ ƌĂŐ ŝƚƐ WƵŵƉƐ Θ WĂƌƚƐ ƌŝůů ZŽĚ Θ ĐĐĞƐƐŽƌŝĞƐ ŽƌĞ ŝƚƐ Θ ĐĐĞƐƐŽƌŝĞƐ ŽƌĞ ĂƌƌĞůƐ ĂƐŝŶŐ ƵŐĞƌ ƋƵŝƉŵĞŶƚ ĚĂƉƚĞƌƐ 4"-&4!//%3*-*/( $0. 888 //%3*-*/( $0. '"9 1)0/ & 64 " / / %SJMJOH 4VQMZ .BOVGBDUVSFS 36/4 %&1 063 26"-*5: Looking for Events? Click on this box in our online issue