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38 APRIL 2021 WorldWide Drilling Resource ® U.S. Extends LNG Exports Through 2050 Adapted from Information by the U.S. Department of Energy The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) has extended the terms of five long-term liquefied natural gas (LNG) export authorizations through 2050. U.S. Secretary of Energy Dan Brouillette said, “The 2050 policy and subsequent extended authorizations lock in the long-term benefits of U.S. LNG exports and provide yet another way to support the success of U.S. LNG exporters abroad.” The extension broadens the terms for the Southern LNG export facility operating in Georgia, the Cameron LNG export facility operating in Louisiana, the Annova LNG project proposed in Texas, and Eagle LNG’s two small-scale facilities in Florida, including the Maxville facility currently in opera- tion. Deputy Secretary of Energy Mark W. Menezes said, “The development of U.S. infrastructure to support our LNG exports has provided thousands of jobs and led to billions of dollars in industry investment, the benefits of which will be sustained by this policy.” LNG exports from the United States are expected to reduce the country’s trade deficit by over $12 billion. Recent export levels have been at record highs with five countries - South Korea, China, Japan, Brazil, and the U.K. - representing more than 65% of U.S. LNG exports. These issuances extend each project’s long-term LNG export authorization to nonfree trade agreement countries through December 31, 2050. “Increasing exports of U.S. LNG to our allies not only creates great opportunities for our nation, it also strength- ens global energy security and supports environmental and emissions objectives,” said Acting Under Secretary of Energy and Assistant Secretary for Fossil Energy Steven Winberg. Including the term extension applications, long-term LNG export authorizations with export terms through 2050 are now held by 18 U.S. LNG export projects, as well as the Costa Azul project in Mexico. G&O The “Idiots” Corner by “Billy Bob Smith” Is Earth Getting Hotter? Colder? Climate change ~ Well, if you want the truth, the earth’s climate has been changing every century for several million years; but if you ask the idiots, it’s only been happening in the past dozen or so years. I am not a scientist, let me make that clear; and I don’t know the evidence, but let’s stop enabling many of these idiots and let’s see if we can grasp some degree of common sense. So, here are a few common myths being spread today: , It's the sun. While it is true varying intensity of energy from the sun has driven long-term climate changes, like ice ages in the distant past, the sun cannot explain the recent spike in warming. My take - Do you really think you can predict what this planet will be like in 200 or even 300 years? Come on, dude! , The climate has always changed. It's natural. No scientist will disagree that the climate changes naturally. It always has, and it always will. What makes the recent changes stand out is the unprecedented pace of change. My take - Were you here two million years ago? Do you really know the pace of change before the last ice age? Don’t tell me you are predicting based on what you know, because what you know is really very little compared to, let’s say five million years ago. , It's cold out. What happened to global warming? It should be obvious the earth as a whole can warm up and at the same time certain parts of it can feel cold. My take - Hello!! Anybody home? It’s called weather, folks. , In the 1970s, scientists warned about a coming ice age. They were wrong. So why should we believe them now? Grand Solar Minimum is coming. It will counteract global warming. My take - Please don’t tell me I should listen to your endless opinions based on what, your interpretation? Your politics? Your ego? Your arrogance. Let’s face it, none of us here now will be here during the next ice age or whatever. And yes, we need to be wiser when it comes to taking care of our planet, but it won’t do much good if we do and the three other largest countries in the world don’t! Okay, have you had enough yet, ‘cause I can go on for pages . . . Billy Bob Contact him via e-mail to “Stop worrying so much about how the climate will change in 200 years, but focus on how to make the best use of the climate you have. ~E.T. from the movie E.T.