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8 APRIL 2021 WorldWide Drilling Resource ® A Big WWDR Welcome to Ronald B. “Ron” Peterson Mountainland Supply Company WorldWide Drilling Resource ® welcomes Ron Peterson as a contributing writer. He works as a Drilling Products Specialist for Mountainland Supply Company out of Nephi, Utah. Mountainland is a plumbing, HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning), agricultural irrigation, municipal water, and domestic water supply company based out of Orem. Ron lives in Elsinore, Utah, with his wife Linda. In his early years, Ron worked at many jobs just trying to make ends meet and get him through college. He graduated from Southern Utah State College and was working as housing director at the college when N L Baroid came on campus to interview. Liking what he heard during the interview, Ron was offered, and accepted, a job as a Drilling Fluids Trainee. He quickly realized he had found a place to call home - the Drilling Industry. Ron was one of 15,000 employees, most of whom were over 60, who were released from Halliburton in April 2020, as part of a cost control measure. He was with Baroid for 43 years 10 months, starting out in the gas and oil sector, working in many disciplines and in multiple positions. Ron considers himself fortunate to be part of the original team of five, which included Buck Brigham, Sam Geffen, Jim Nattier, Carl Mason, and Jim Russell, who converted The Baroid Quik-Gel Retailers to The Baroid Industrial Drilling Products Line. He was also part of the development team for Baroid Industrial Drilling Products’ Training Program, which presented annual training programs during the time he worked for Baroid. With Marvin Glotfelty and his staff at Clear Creek Associates, Ron was coeditor of the National Ground Water Association’s (NGWA’s) Glossary of Water Well Terminology, as well as the Glossary of Driller’s Terminology, which were later combined and used as part of the basis for NGWA’s Lexicon of Industry Terminology . Ron was also coeditor of Chapter 8 in Johnson Screen’s Groundwater and Wells Third Edition, describing the proper use of drilling fluids. Ron graciously received the Ross L. Oliver Award from NGWA for “Greatest Contribution to the Water Well Industry” in December 2013, and was presented a Halliburton MVP award in 2014. He was also honored to be named the 2015 McEllhiney Distinguished Lecturer by the NGWA in December 2014, then traveled globally in 2015 to provide the lecture at various locations around the world. Last year, Ron was a seminar presenter at the First Annual WorldWide DownHome DrillFest™ . He is a Board Member of the Utah Ground Water Association, the Mountain States Ground Water Association, and the American Ground Water Trust. “The drilling industry has been very patient and kind to me, and I have thoroughly enjoyed my career. I have been able to learn from and work with many kind and talented people over the years, and will always be appreciative to all of them. I won’t even start to name them, as I would inadvertently leave someone out - but I am most appreciative to all. I am honored WorldWide Drilling Resource ® has offered me an opportunity to give back to the industry I have been proud to be a part of,” Ron said. If you have a topic you would like to see Ron cover in WWDR , please reach out. Ron Ron Peterson m ay be contac ted via e-mail to michele@ WTR It’s Called Lake Superior for a Reason Everyone knows Lake Superior is big; they don’t call it one of the Great Lakes for nothing, but few people know exactly how large it really is. Not only is Lake Superior the largest freshwater lake in the world, but it holds three quadrillion gallons of water. That’s enough liquid to completely cover both North and South America under a foot of water. It’s no wonder Lake Superior has been the site of so many shipwrecks!