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21 AUGUST 2021 WorldWide Drilling Resource® DIFFERENTIAL ENERGY™ Gassed Emulsion Adapted from Information by Dyno Nobel Controlled blasting is paramount to safe, effective mining operations. Dyno Nobel’s DIFFERENTIAL ENERGY™, a proprietary method for controlling the explosive energy profile in a borehole, has proven effective in coal mining, metal mining, and quarry blasting. The company’s differentially gassed emulsion explosive, TITAN® XL 1000 / 1000 GE, is an integral part of this method, improving safety, productivity, and the environment. Safety is enhanced when using the DIFFERENTIAL ENERGY method. The product is not sensitized until it is delivered to the blasthole, and the emulsion densities can be tailored to the hardness of the rock. As a result of accurate control of energy at the crest, highwall stability is improved. It also reduces the potential for flyrock by placing low-density gassed emulsion near the collar and/or areas of low burden. Productivity increases with only a single product needed for both wet and dry conditions, which reduces explosives inventory costs and simplifies budgeting. It eliminates the need to ship and store blasting agents at the site and optimizes the quantity of product, while minimizing overuse of explosives to achieve desired breakage. The method also allows precise energy placement for the application, rock hardness, and blast profile, matching energy with geologic requirements to break hard rock seams without damaging coal. Blast pattern expansion is possible as a result of higher detonation pressure capabilities in the hole. Overall blast energy efficiency is maximized. Blast fragmentation is optimal, reducing downstream processing costs and reducing fines and oversize since blast energy is better distributed. Because fragmentation is more consistent, wear on loading, hauling, and crushing equipment is reduced. There is also a positive effect on the environment as this method minimizes postblast poisonous nitrogen oxides (NOx) generation with high-performance water-resistant emulsion. Since thickened emulsion detonates completely, it reduces groundwater contamination. DIFFERENTIAL ENERGY projects reveal a pattern of success across various applications. In a coal mine, the powder factor saw a 10.8% reduction with improved fragmentation and elimination of NOx fumes. In a gold mine, the powder factor was reduced 18% with an 8% increase in shovel productivity and elimination of NOx fumes. An iron ore mine experienced a 10% reduction in explosive pounds per hole, improved fragmentation, eliminated NOx fumes, and had a 1.6% increase in explosive density at the toe. Quarry mining for granite yielded a 35% reduction in powder factor, improved fragmentation, eliminated NOx fumes, and increased 160% in crusher throughput. Another quarry for limestone saw a 5% reduction in powder factor, a 3% increase in course material, an elimination of NOx fumes, and a 1.1% reduction in fines. Dyno Nobel’s DIFFERENTIAL ENERGY TITAN 1000 GE gassed emulsion is easily integrated into any GE Bulk Emulsion Truck, which captures accurate information about the loading of each hole in the shot, and allows explosives energy to be accurately place where needed in the blasthole. GE2 also makes possible the fine tuning of powder factors for the shot or even individual holes in a shot. The accompanying Differential Global Positioning System (DGPS) is the newest electronic initiation technology which can eliminate potential human errors and speed up the blasting process through accurate tagging of blastholes. If the blasthole GPS coordinates are not available, the DGPS Tagger can log hole positions and import them into the ViewShot 3D software. GE Truck. TITAN® XL 1000 / 1000 GE gassed bulk emulsion. EXB For the Smart Drilling Professional In Print & Online WorldWide SuperMart™ WorldWide Dri lling Resource® Call 850-547-0102