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57 DECEMBER 2021 WorldWide Drilling Resource ® RENEW - SUBSCRIBE NOW! Are You Learning Your Lessons? by Tim Connor Before this day ends, I guarantee your partner will give you the opportunity to learn something about yourself. Relationships are an interesting and fascinating blend of events, processes, challenges, and growth opportunities. Life is not about what your relationship partner is trying to teach you, but what you are willing to learn about yourself as a result of sharing life with them. Relationships are a classroom. In a sense, class begins the day we begin our new relationship and ends the day the relationship ends, for whatever reason. There are no vacations or recesses, and you never graduate from this relationship school. There is no final exam and there is no pass or fail. You can, however, repeat a grade again and again until you learn the necessary skills or attitudes your teacher in this or any relationship class is trying to help you learn. Each of us is traveling through our unique lives toward a variety of circumstances, events, people, and outcomes. We are bringing these outcomes and people into our lives both consciously and subconsciously. Some people are good students and learn the necessary lessons the first time they appear, while others are stuck in the same old patterns, life dramas, and situations because they fail to bring th e learning back to themselves. Class is not about what comes int o your life, but how you handle it. Rela - tionship adversity comes to all of u s sooner or later. Some people give up , while others use the struggle to get better , wiser, or stronger. The key to happiness is to learn t o bring all of the learning back to yoursel f and not to point your finger and blam e others or life. You and I don’t get t o choose all of the lessons in our lives o r relationships and we certainly don’t ge t to choose how other people shoul d learn their lessons. Each of us is on ou r own unique path through life into ou r future. One way to know if you have no t yet learned one of life’s particular les - sons is to observe that which is in you r life now. For example, if you are havin g a particular relationship problem, ther e is most likely a relationship lesson yo u failed to learn in the past. The opening line in the all-tim e best selling book by Scott Peck, Th e Road Less Traveled , states: “Life is dif - ficult.” Scott goes on to explain that lif e is only difficult for people who expec t life to be easy. Are you learning our lesson well, o r are you in blame or denial? In His service, Tim Tim Connor may be contacted via e-mail to michele@ Looking for a great advertising campaign? Every ad in this print magazine is online too!