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Editorial contributions are welcome subject to editorial review.* WorldWide Drilling Resource ® reserves the right to refuse any advertisement . We Recycle Standing with our Drilling Industry Yesterday ~ Today ~ Tomorrow See you on the trail . . . CAMERAS on the ROLL ~ The Red Coats are coming: Nashville for Groundwater Week. With Pen - Computer in hand . . . Veronica I. “Ronnie” Jones, 850-547-0102 This is a VERY IMPORTANT ISSUE. Please read it carefully. Not only is it our time to Thank-You for being avid readers and advertisers, but for being our friends for the past eighteen (18) years (September 3, 2003 was the birth date for WorldWide Drilling Resource, Inc. ). I won’t say it has been all sugar and spice as there have been some rocky times along the way here. Our motto from its founding has been to provide Solid Gold Service ~ with a Smile!™ , and it continues, and will continue to be just that. We provide options; many, many options for you to make choices best for you, your families, and your business. If you don’t see something you would like to try, just pick up the phone and a smiling voice will help you any way we can. AND WAIT! If that person can’t help you, someone here certainly will. 850-547-0102. Another reason this is such an important issue, and we need you to read it carefully, is because this could be your last issue of WorldWide Drilling Resource ® . It’s not by our choice, but we do need your help to provide its deliv- ery to you. The postal rates continue to increase (not to mention the paper costs have risen five (5) yes, five (5) times in the past 3 months with several more increases heading our way). Our great advertisers help us defray the paper increase by their continuing to advertise; but the postal rates are some- thing neither they, nor WorldWide Drilling Resource, Inc. , can control nor absorb. Again, we ask those of you who have not taken notice of past insertions, to complete the renewal / subscription form and include the annual postal fee of $12.00 for USA Delivery or $20.00 for Canada and Foreign Delivery. This will ensure you receive these two great publications: WorldWide Drilling Resource ® and Doc’s Buyers’ Guide for Drillers™ delivered to your mail or postal box. BOTH the magazine and the tabloid will be included in a secure polybag protecting your investment each month. If you don’t renew before December 5, 2021, we fear you will not be included in the delivery for the January 2022 issue. You can call and we will take it over the phone; fax the included form in this issue; go to or; or send your form to or . Your request will be promptly han- dled and a receipt for your credit card or check payment will be sent via e-mail to you. We look forward to another eighteen (18) years with you. 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