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74 DECEMBER 2021 WorldWide Drilling Resource ® RENEW - SUBSCRIBE NOW! THIS JUST IN . . . ARE YOU AS FRUSTRATED? by Troy Cunningham Teddy Bear Timber Corporation Let me tell you about my travels today. We stopped to get diesel before getting on the road; price $3.57. Then we go into a boot store (just to look around). Every boot in the store was marked up 2 to 3 times the normal price. Then we traveled about 2 hours down the road to stop at a restaurant. We walked in and the atmosphere was very nice. We ordered our meal. We were at Island Wing Company in Tallahassee, so we ordered wings, a side of fries, glass of water, and sweet tea. Drinks came out fast (drink station was right beside us). Then 45 minutes to an hour later, our meal came out - supposed to be garlic parmesan wings with ranch, an order of Jamaican jerk seasoning, mild sauce, and ranch with a side of fries. The fries were cold and garlic was nonexistent. The heat was substituted for sweet on the jerk seasoning and the mild sauce was nowhere to be found. Couldn’t find the waiter to get it fixed. Grabbed the guy who brought the order out. He took the fries back, then the waiter stopped to ask if everything was ok. Told him and he came back with fries, dropped them off, and sped away. Come to find out, they put the fries in the microwave and still didn’t get them hot. So I asked for a manager and she apologized, and took fries off and gave a discount (if I wanted my meal discounted, I would have said that to start with). We leave there and go down about 2 exits to get fuel again and pull in behind a large RV and car. They take the first diesel pump (I think they are, no wait they are pulling through to circle around to center island). Oh, it’s because someone has ripped the electronics out of the pump. So there is a small truck pulling a lawn trailer (pressure washer rig) sitting in the other pump station. So we decided to pull in behind them, because there are no other open stations. Wait, there is no driver in this truck, but there is a passenger. Does he move the truck? (no!) So I now have the whole entrance to a Flying J blocked due to my trailer being left in the entrance. Finally the driver appears, gets in, and takes his sweet time leaving, because his cousin is in the other car and he has to talk to her. Once he pulls out of the way, I pull in and 20 cars come pouring in (because they had blocked the intersection and now have to get out of the road since traffic is blocked in all directions). I stop the truck and get out to start fueling. I notice the driver who just left never got fuel. I have never seen a small Dodge able to hold 28 gallons of gas. So while I’m fuming over (he was just sitting here so he didn’t have to walk so far), I try to use the card reader, so I can fuel and go. The damn card reader doesn’t work, so now we have to go inside and then fuel up. * First question, what happened to Made in America? * Second, what happened to customer service? * Third, what happened to treating others as you would want to be treated? Am I the only one who sees America is going to the dogs or down the crap chute? This country is in for a very rude awakening when nobody is willing to pay it forward, do the right thing, or just act human and be polite. We are in trouble and if you don’t see it, you are part of the problem. Now open your eyes America and start acting like you care. 302 - 684 - 3197 FAX: 302 - 384 - 0643 142 Broadkill Rd. • Milton, DE 19968 www.atlantic - email: Manufacturers of Slotted & Perforated Pipe ranging from ½” to 24” diameter Atlantic Screen & Mfg., Inc. • Well Rehab. Products • Manholes • Bentonite • Filter Sock • Inline Chemical Mixers • Sampling Bailers • Clear PVC Pipe • Locking Caps February Issue Deadl ines Editorial: (Focus ~ Safety & Protection) December 15 th See Doc’s Buyers’ Guide for Drillers™ for Classified Deadlines Advertising Space Reservation: December 25 De tthh Ad Copy: January 1 st WorldWide