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17 WorldWide Drilling Resource ® JANUARY 2021 Soosan America Introduces its Newest Crawler Rig Adapted from Information by Soosan America The SS-2000 is the newest down-the-hole (DTH) crawler drill rig in the Rock Commander line by Soosan America. The SS-2000 is built with the same proven components that have made Rock Commander drills a proven leader. The SS-2000 DTH drill rig is one of the most reliable, productive, comfortable, and easily serviceable drill rigs on the market with high penetration rates and an excellent return on investment. Powered by the Cummins X15 Tier 4 final / stage 5 diesel engine, the SS-2000 is ready to tackle 4½-8-inch holes. Producing 950 cfm (cubic feet per minute) of air at 350 psi, it has the capability to power the DTH hammer and clear holes with ease. In the operator cabin, an 8-inch touch screen monitor allows the operator to view and check equipment status and system functions with a touch of the hand. Drilling depth and drilling angle are displayed in real time on the monitor to enable the operator to produce perfect holes for the perfect shot every time. Many of the system’s functions on the new DTH Rock Commander are easily customizable to meet the needs of the job. The operator can adjust the pulsing time and on/off function of each filter in the dust collection system to reduce the amount of free dust particles produced during drilling. Fine control of the lubrication oil flow on the new Rock Commander SS-2000 enables the operator to keep the hammer properly lubricated under all conditions. Controls also allow for the increase or decrease of the flow to the cooling pump to control the rpm (revolutions per minute) of the fan, giving it the ability to operate even in the harshest environments. Enjoy all the benefits the Rock Commander SS-2000 provides with its enhanced hole drilling power and cost efficiency of operation. Based in Louisville, Kentucky, Soosan America LLC was established to bring simple, productive, and reliable rock drilling solutions to the North American market, giving drilling professionals an opportunity to have a reliable product at a very low cost. C&G Groundwater / Water Well by: Texas Ground Water Assn CE (Continuing Education) Class February 27 ~ Tyler, TX ph one: 512-472-7437 Irrigation by: Rain Bird Academy Training February 1-5 ~ New Orleans, LA February 1-5 ~ St. Louis, MO February 2-4 ~ Nashville, TN February 8-12 ~ Chicago, IL February 8-12 ~ Nashville, TN February 9-11 ~ Denver, CO February 1 5-19 ~ Wichita, K S phone: 800-498-1942 More education opportunities during events can be found by clicking here online at: worldwidedrillingresource.c om Education Connection