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21 WorldWide Drilling Resource® FEBRUARY 2021 by Tim Rasmussen Transformation. This word means a change; a thorough or dramatic change in form or appearance; something into something else. This is what happened to the Mayhew 1000. When we obtained this rig from Seth Weilage of Counsel Bluffs, Iowa, we knew it needed some work and attention. We could never have afforded a rig that did not need to be repaired. We just don’t have that kind of money. Water For Life is a nonprofit organization. It takes profit to accumulate the money necessary to buy a new rig - lots of it, and we have none. We do, however, have loyal volunteers and the Good Lord is always watching over us. The rig needed some seals, the table rebuilt, some hoses, and various other things. We try to get things fixed here in the U.S., having learned that shipping bad equipment costs the same as good equipment and fixing things in Guatemala can be hard and sometimes impossible. Seth decided to save us some money and did a lot of the work himself at cost. We also learned a long time ago, that how things look influences the customs agents; if it looks good, they raise the price. So, it is to our advantage to have the items working well, but looking like they are not going to run another day. If customs think it looks like junk, they give it a lower value and probably whisper to each other about the foolish gringos who ship stuff that won’t run. The Mayhew was working well, but looked like it wasn’t. So, this past summer, Gary and Jon decided to get the rig painted and make it look as good as it ran. The mast was removed and straightened, scraped, and cleaned and some new parts added. The entire truck was painted. In the U.S., it would probably have cost about $6000 to $8000 to have the work done, but we were able to get a local shop to do the work for less than $1000. The Mayhew has been transformed. It now looks as good as it runs. We also have a good compressor to go with the new looking rig. This will give us some options and allow us to deal with the different types of rock the drill encounters. Water For Life is in the transformation business. Just as the old rig was transformed, the work the rig does transforms the lives of the village people. They are healthier and happier. Just knowing the water they are using is not filled with germs and filth makes a difference to them that we can only imagine. Water For Life also changes the lives of our volunteers. After seeing how the villagers live, and how a well changes their lives, their perspective changes, and they gain an understanding that changes them, maybe even transforms them. So, if you have a heart to help others and don’t mind a little travel and a new adventure, come and drill with this great looking rotary rig for a week or two or three. Come and make a difference to other people who have nothing. Transform a village and maybe yourself. If you would like to help, contact Gary Bartholomew at 208-907-0010 or 509-939-1941 TimTim Rasmussen may be contacted via e-mail to Mayhew rig before (above) and after (below). WTR