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32 FEBRUARY 2021 WorldWide Drilling Resource ® Vacuworx ® Enhances Safety with New CC-TT Lifting System Adapted from Information by Vacuworx ® Vacuworx ® ’s commitment to safety has resulted in a new heavy-duty vacuum lifting system, the CC-TT. One of the com- pany’s largest systems engineered, it boasts a lift capacity of 77,000 pounds. Designed to work with mobile or stationary gantry cranes, this system offers a safer alternative to using hooks, slings, or chains by keeping personnel ouf of harm’s way. The CC-TT is designed with a multifunction computer-operated remote control system with touch screen providing real- time operation and diagnostic information. Closed-circuit cameras allow unobstructed views to enable precise pad placement for lifting. Available with various pads for pipe, flat, or specialty items, these are easily interchangeable to lift different mate- rials. Each pad is equipped with a sensor to confirm the load is engaged. The CC-TT also increases productivity while maintaining safety. Allowing faster load and unload cycles with less down- time than conventional methods, the remote operation and 360-degree rotation help to position materials easily. Needing fewer ground personnel reduces the risk of accidents and lowers payroll and insurance costs. A view of how the CC-TT works reveals its safety features clearly. Operated by the electronic wireless remote control transmitter with matched receiver, multiple lifters can work side by side without interference. The vacuum pump maintains a constant vacuum in the pressure reservoir, even with a power failure, and, when activated, pulls a vacuum between the pad and object to be lifted. A pad seal covers the lifted material and creates the necessary suction, which holds until the operator activates the release lever. It is equipped with visual and audio alarms to indicate unsafe environments. The patent-pending Tough Seal™ has enhanced UV protection, abrasion-resistant 360° seamless outer skin, and is heat resistant up to 215°F (102°C) and as low as -40°F (-40°C). Other benefits of vacuum lifting versus conventional methods also focus on safety for employees. There is no need for personnel on the ground or on trailers. Because of the powerful positive vacuum seal, there is less chance of shifting or loosening as with slings and chains. Able to go places where people should not be, the CC-TT can lift material without disturbing adjacent pieces. Vacuum lifting technology has been a preferred method of material handling in the pipeline and construction industries for over 20 years. Now Vacuworx ® has provided an even smarter solution with the new faster, safer CC-TT Computer Controlled Double Tee Vacuum Lifting System. C&G Vacuworx lifting system.